How can you get the most out of FallUp?

We have clearly from the beginning of FallUp defined what this year’s FallUp is about and how we’re going to accomplish it. We want to see the mindset shift we have experienced ourselves in as many students as possible. But how will this actually happen in a one day event? We’re not naive, no one’s mindset and principles can be changed in one day. But rather than this, we want to be the first kick in changing your mindset — becoming your best self. So, what do you need to do at FallUp to open yourself up to this?

What would you do if you knew you would never fail?

The reason why FallUp was founded in 2015 was to inspire students to entrepreneurship. But the main factor for the inspiration wasn’t only the program of the day. As important was the organizing team. As inspirational, if not even more, was the team of young students who decided to build something big totally on their own, even if it would lead to failure.

“We wanted to bring young students under one roof and show them that anyone of them can do what they wish for. And in Aaltoes way, we thought the best way to do this is to build a massive event around it. Our goal was to show that we ain’t no better or smarter than you, but we did it. It means that you can do anything you set your mind to.”
- Julius Hietala, Aaltoes board member 2015

FallUp 2017 holds a wide setting of inspirational, international speakers from different fields, but this isn’t the only factor to give you a spark to be more hungry, to go after your dreams or try something completely new. Beside this we want to show our audience that this event is 100% student-run, we don’t have any specific skills or a clue what we were doing in the beginning. And this is exactly the beauty of it. We want to show you guys that anyone can do what they set their on mind on.

In FallUp, this culminates in the atmosphere. The environment around us is strongly connected to our state of mind and the way we think. In FallUp you have the ability to be surrounded by people sharing the same mindset as you, by market disrupting startups and our whole ecosystem. Use this opportunity to soak the atmosphere in and draw inspiration to your own future.

In the event:

Meet up with startups, companies and ecosystem key players at our Demo Booth Area; spark conversations and look for like-minded people to share your ideas on entrepreneurial mindset.

Build courage and stop being afraid

“Aaltoes was a turning point for me. The time in there gave me so much courage. I wanted to bring this out for as many people as possible. I wanted everyone else to have what I had experienced.”
- Julius Hietala, Aaltoes board member 2015

Courage is a factor that makes a huge difference between people. Without courage we are not able to go after our dreams, we are not able to give our 100%. Courageous things are very different for all of us and we need to identify for ourselves what our own challenges are and get into those situations. This year, we have brought a new component to FallUp, a speaking competition TalkUp. With TalkUp we aim to encourage students to develop their speaking skills and bring out the importance of presenting your ideas. Even if you don’t have a passion towards public speaking, this offers you a great opportunity for a challenge. To develop ourselves we need to challenge ourselves in multiple different ways.

If you feel afraid or intimidated, that’s exactly the place where you should be. Why would you stay on you’re comfort zone? It takes us nowhere.

In the event:

Take part in TalkUp as a contestant or go and see how young people challenge themselves and succeed, or fail. In case you want to participate, don’t think so much about the outcome, think of it as an opportunity to challenge yourself, find a new skill or interest, or to learn how to fail.

Increase your creativity by having fun

Creative and proactive problem solving is not only one of the key themes of FallUp, but a very important skill to develop. Searching new angles for problem solving and thinking outside of the box means you need to be open to new ideas. New ideas require space and time, so even though we aim for constant self-development, there is always time for some fun.

In the event:

Take a part in YIT’s 15-minute Escape Room “Out of the box” in groups of 3–5 people. Short timeframe gives multiple participants a chance to develop their problem solving skills while figuring out the Escape Room mystery. In case you’re looking for something a bit more faster, one of our demo booths is featuring a race simulator, find out which in the event! And because the Hartwall sponsor for the afterparty is not enough, Singa will bring their karaoke for all the party people!

Spark ideas and start to develop yourself, but don’t take this day too seriously. With a little spark in your eye you will have an unforgettable day