Introducing the FallUp team — why to jump into a volunteer project?

FallUp is an entirely volunteer run event and this is why in order to deliver a great event, it is even more important to have a great team behind it. And that we sure have this year! Find out why we are organizing FallUp and what our team members want to achieve, not only with the event, but also on a personal level.

Why FallUp?

Aaltoes was founded to make a difference in the attitudes towards entrepreneurship and accelerate the startup scene in Finland. All of our events are important for this goal, but they take a different perspective to the case. FallUp is one of the building blocks in the very foundation of this goal. Driving a change starts with new perspectives, new ideas; a change of mindset. We believe in our very core message — the most important thing in making a change is your mindset. Our aim is to affect as many students as possible — this is how we can achieve our long-term goal, change the thinking among all students.

Our point of view seems very primal if set beside many other events. We don’t go that deep into founding a business, evolving an idea or validating a product; these are the stages which come to be in other events after our goal is achieved. We want to give the first spark towards entrepreneurship in the minds of students — just like many of us were given in last year’s event.

Since we talked about the theme of the event, entrepreneurial mindset, for the first time on January, I’ve known I want to be a part of a team that promotes such an important theme.
-Aleksi, Head of Financials

A successful event (and of course an epic afterparty) is definitely what we are aiming for, but the profound goal is to get people excited about taking matters in their own hands; taking responsibility of their own learning and development. For many, the start for taking more accountable action towards their own career is founding a business, which is, even if not successful, an ultimate learning opportunity. But for all of us, founding a business might be a little bit too big of a step just yet. This is also the case with my own story. I was determined to expedite my self-development, but founding a business was not yet on the table for me, so I joined FallUp. Being accountable for the project is parallel to founding a startup, and definitely a great place to start.

This is the state of mind we want to bring forward and get students excited about. You don’t need to wait for an opportunity to be given or a job to be offered. We want people to get more proactive in going after their dreams and solving the problems faced. This is the way you can become the best version of yourself.

Entrepreneurial mindset to me is about a sense of ownership and responsibility towards both details and the bigger picture as well as curiosity and courage to seize an opportunity. In my life the entrepreneurial mindset shows particularly in attitude. Lately I have found a new, a lot braver, side of me. I am actively looking for opportunities to challenge myself instead of avoiding them and being scared of failing. A failure has become a chance to learn rather than being an embarrassment. I want as many students as possible to have this enlightenment.
-Laura, Head of Partnership

Being a part of a human accelerator

Putting together and delivering a successful, inspiring event isn’t the only goal of our project, like it’s not the only goal for any project inside Aaltoes. Our entire team is learning and developing the same things we want our audience and fellow students to pay attention to. The will to join to make an event like FallUp happen says a lot about the person’s mindset — their point of view towards learning and self-development. All of us are in this project because we are on our own paths towards our greatest selves.

During the last year I have gotten to meet several people who have taken matters into their own hands. Now they are shaping their lives and careers to portray their personal passions. I saw how that affected those people in a positive way. They decided to pursue their passions and became much more confident and certain about who they are. I was so impressed by these entrepreneurs that I wanted to adopt that mindset myself and introduce it to people around me. I believe being a part of FallUp does a great deal in adopting this mindset.

School gives you great skills, but only until a certain point, and for many of us the level in which we are at work might not give us opportunities challenging enough. This is where projects like this come to play a big part — where you get the opportunity to take an ownership of something bigger than you can handle, challenge yourself and show that you can build something amazing. You will not learn until you have a chance to try. For me FallUp has given an amazing playground for numerous things to try, fail and learn. Things I would have not yet been allowed to take ownership of at work, or things I would have never been able to learn at school.

My will to develop drives me and motivates me every day. It’s kind of high-level energy, pushing me forward to the next level. It reminds me to be hungry to learn and grow, but also to be humble enough to realize you’re never finished.
-Iida, Member of the marketing team
“One of the most crucial things in developing your entrepreneurial mindset is listening. It’s important to surround yourself with people smarter than you and listen to ideas that aren’t yours. I think success takes communication, collaboration, and sometimes failure. These are the things we are learning here. Where most avoid risk, entrepreneurs see potential. Entrepreneurial mindset also means fearless to me.”
- Ella, Head of Venue

The team becomes your family

Our core team has been working numerous hours together throughout the year — and this is one of the beauties that has come along FallUp. Like in any long project, the team “becomes your family” — you learn to work together and get to know the strengths and weaknesses of one another.

Creating FallUp has opened my eyes in many ways; I’ve gathered so much new information and inspiration. We have a really great team full of positive energy, it’s powerful.

The event itself isn’t more than couple months away and we couldn’t be more excited! The experiences we’ve gained so far have been truly one of a kind and it is amazing to see all of the things we planned come together. We hope to see you at the event!

“The best way to develop is getting out of your comfort zone, and there have been a lot of moments like this while creating FallUp. How to sell your ideas to possible partners, how to create something visually enjoyable; how to create something when all you have is a blank paper…The list goes on and on but I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to see the results on the event day!”
- Aleksi