Startups you have to meet at FallUp — part 1

The whole idea of FallUp is to inspire you, and to change your mindset. And who could possibly be better for this mission than recently founded startups themselves? These are the people who had an idea and transformed it into reality. They had the courage and the right mindset, they believed that anything you put your mind to, can be accomplished.

During FallUp you’ll have the chance to meet several astonishing and interesting startups — this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss! And we will now introduce you to4 of these. They will all be found in the Startup Village during the event, and I’ve heard that they are super excited to meet you ;)

Boring recruitment processes + AI = something adorable

We’ve all been there. You were not the chosen one for the job and you didn’t even make it to the interview. We are left with an unpleasant feeling of being rejected from a company who didn’t even have the time to send you a personalized letter, while you spent days on that application!

This is something TalentAdore is seeking to improve by bringing the human touch back to recruitment. Their Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA) is an amazing tool that touches people’s hearts. It integrates Applicant Tracking System, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) based communication technologies and advanced automation. Employers can send personalised status updates and feedback to each job candidate. And, if the candidates are not selected, they know why. Feedback allows candidates to improve their skills and work towards their dream job.

This sounds like some kind of hocus-pocus too good to be true, right? But that’s the essence of the startup world. Always looking to do the impossible, to change the industry, and make things as good as they can be!

Following the successful steps of Spotify (with something the Finns will love)

If you’re a Finn you probably love to step into a bar every now and then and pick up that microphone and let your true self out to anything from Celine Dion and Backstreet Boys to Kaija Koo and Cheek? At least that was the idea I got when I as a foreigner moved here to Helsinki. So what could possibly be a better innovation than Singa? Singa is doing for karaoke what Netflix has done for movies and what Spotify has done for music.

Singa provides the easiest way to sing karaoke anytime, anywhere & on any device. For professionals Singa provides a truly modern ”plug & play” karaoke solution unlike anything else on the market. The song catalogue and software is constantly being updated.

One should remember though that more than karaoke, this is a tech company! Themselves they like to put it this way: “As a tech company and by serving both consumer and professional customers we are uniquely positioned to become THE brand in a global market representing a $15 billion opportunity.”

A brand new viral ticket office ready to take over the world

Did you know that the major part of event organizers is lacking an easy-access and low-cost solution for effectively promoting and selling tickets to their events? This is why Floud just launched their mobile-first ticket office aiming to disrupt how people organize and experience events. And FallUp is one of the first events taking this revolutionary idea into us. So you now have the opportunity to experience Floud when buying you ticket for FallUp 2017. Find your ticket for FallUp 2017 here!

What’s different about Floud you might wonder? As an organizer you can set up your event in only minutes and provide a seamless shopping experience, deliver QR tickets and control the event admittance quick and easy with only one tool. Both organizers and guests can invite more guests to the event directly from their phone contacts. There is also awesome features that makes it possible to offer benefits to guests that invite their friends to the event, so make sure you try that out when you’ve bought your ticket for FallUp!

Taking the podcast listening to the next level

Is it only me, or every time you want to listen to a really good podcast, you can’t seem to find anything that suits your mood? Spotify gives you weekly recommendations, Netflix picks out movies and tv-shows for you, even Facebook keeps on suggesting new groups to join and Instagram shows people you might wanna follow. So, what about podcasts? There is a solution and this solution is brought to you by Kieku.

Kieuku does not only offer you selective talks and podcasts, but it also gives you personalized recommendations thanks to the power of AI. Just like with the Spotify radio, you can like or dislike the suggestion Kieku gives you and slowly the software begins to understand who you are and what you want.

And of course you’ll also find all the TalkUp talks from FallUp in the Kieuku library since they will be podcasting these!

Get ready for FallUp by looking into these cool startups and make sure to visit their demo booths during the event!

Get ready for FallUp — get ready to change your mindset!