Startups you have to meet at FallUp — part 2

A while ago we shared the first part of startups you have to meet at FallUp where we presented four of the startups that you’ll have the chance to talk in the Startup Village.

Here is another 4 young, cool and exciting startups that you’ll be able to meet during the day. These might be of special interest to you if you’re already running your own company or planning to do so in the near future.


Service design, software development and digitalization of business — three crucial parts of today’s world where tech is in everything we do. It’s also the three cornerstones of the startup Perfektio. They are a bunch of passionate software developers, designers and superheroes of digitalization who believe that the future will be built around high quality digital experiences. Their mission? To make these experiences flawless.


… Because with Custobar you do. That’s the slogan of this startup that has created something you’ll love if you’re a company with customers, and with staff. Sales automation is already conquering the world, but what Custobar has done is that they have created a sales tool from the staff’s point of view.

Imagine what could happen if you give your staff insights to customer data and modern communication channels?


Many of the law firms might still be very traditional and old fashioned but Turre Legal brings something new to this industry. Turre Legal is Finland’s Digital Law Firm. What they believe is that is should be easy to find and use different legal services that brings value.

They can help you throughout different parts of the process of starting and running a company, anything from the actual establishment and growth of the company to potential crisis in the future.


Drones. A hot topic for not only companies but also among us normal people. Haven’t you thought that it would be kind of cool to own a drone and take awesome photos? At least I have. But what’s even more fascinating is of course how drones open up new possibilities for many industries.

Arctic Robotics have a mission and that is to provide fully autonomous indoor flying drones for all kind of business needs. They offer an indoor drone platform for security, proactive monitoring, inspection and IOT harvesting, which in turn can save costs and increase quality.

Fresh design and beautiful code

Kokku will bring your website to the next level with a fresh, individual look — their core competence lies in software development, but they do not forget to put effort to marketing and sales. Targeting growth companies, their mission is to deliver beautiful code to help these companies grow.

Aspire to be your own banker?

Balancing money spending within your social network, making personalized finance content and earning a little extra money in the process — with Bankify all of this is now possible! Bankify promises to bring joy back to banking by helping you reach your dreams in everyday life — take it from the founders, who both have more than ten years of experience in finance!

What are you waiting for? Get your ticket and get ready to meet all of these startups!

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