Time to unplug: 5 summer reading tips

Reading a book gives us an opportunity to open up whole new dimensions in our thinking and doing. We can travel across the world into different cultures or dive into the minds of great thinkers. It is no surprise that the most influential and innovative leaders are true lovers of reading. Elon Musk, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are just a few to name to spend numerous hours reading in a day.

In today’s world it is easy to catch new ideas or gain a new perspective from reading a five minute blog post or an article. It also takes less than five minutes to move them aside and forget the gained perspective. Many of us are so used to living in a world with instant gratification and information pouring from every channel that we might have forgotten how much more deeper understanding and perspectives a book gives us. Even the social media mogul, Mark Zuckerberg, has shifted more of his time spent in media to reading books. “Books allow you to fully explore a topic and immerse yourself in a deeper way than most media today”, Zuckerberg states.

So this summer, to develop yourself, unplug from your social media and cut down the time spent with returning hit tv series. Use that valuable time of yours instead in developing your mindset and investing in your future. Our Aaltoes and FallUp community members chose their favourite books at the moment to share with you. Pick one, or why not all, of them and have a mindful summer break.

Antti Hämmäinen, Head of Kiuas Accelerator:
Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Carol S. Dweck
“Mindset is a book that really helps you to overcome obstacles that can feel too hard or unsurmountable. This book will change the way you think in a permanent way.” -Antti

Verneri Jäämuru, Aaltoes board:
Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman
I think I just have to say Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman: too many people focus on the wrong things and use time for things that don’t have any “return on investment”. Using your time efficiently is one of the most important skills to have. Time is the only limited resource and also the most valuable one. The way you spend your time every day, every second, determines your level of success.” -Verneri

Stella Tuovinen and Anttoni Aniebonam, Aaltoes board:
Zero-to-one, Peter Thiel (Two nominations! This is a must-read.)
“Zero to one explains the fundamentals on creating ventures that don’t just build the overall wellbeing from 1 to n but instead creates wellbeing from 0 to 1. The creation of new 0 to 1 technologies and ventures is what strives the humankind forward, and that’s what we should be focusing on more often.” -Anttoni

Axel Cedercreutz, Head of Dash: 
Crossing the chasm, Geoffrey Moore
“Crossing the chasm is still a very relevant book for anybody wanting to understand the challenges of product marketing and the product lifecycle. The challenge isn’t to get visionaries onboard, it’s to create products that gets the pragmatics excited.” -Axel

Aleksi Löytynoja, Head of FallUp:
How to win friends and influence people, Dale Carnegie
To my mind, the mindset is the most important thing for one’s success. But the truth is, no one can do anything all alone: everyone needs to have friends, connections, a network that can be relied to. This book gives numerous examples how one can easily win friends and success in social situations. The author even said that with the ability to deal with people successfully, you can commerce twice as much in two months than otherwise you would in two years. I strongly believe in this. No matter what you’re selling: your product, yourself or anything else.” -Aleksi