Best Cheeseburger in Davis: Caffe Italia

Caffe Italia’s Classy Classic Burger w/ Cheddar

Sorry for the tardiness of this review. I was away on vacation last week and so couldn’t review a burger here in Davis. This week is Caffe Italia located right at the major entrance to town off of the 80 Freeway. This eatery, as you can tell by the name, specializes in Italian food but also has a full American food menu that includes burgers. This place ended up near the bottom of the list of places to eat at though because the last time I ate here I ended up with food poisoning… Happily, that doesn’t seem to have been the case this time!

Without further ado let’s get to the cheeseburger:

Caffe Italia’s Sweet Potato Fries

The Review — Caffe Italia

Patty (21/35) — Aggressively seasoned. Lots of garlic and salt in this patty. Perfectly cooked though, beautiful example of a medium-rare patty. Hard to tell quality of the beef, nice fat, juice, and mouth-feel though. Is the seasoning masking/hiding low quality beef? This could have gone either way but I really like garlic so it works for me.

Cheese (15/25) — Large slice of real cheddar, mild I think. This is a shame, especially with how seasoned the patty is.

Bun (11/15) — Your basic soft burger bun, nicely toasted. I think on the same flat grill the patty was cooked on as the bun has absorbed some of the seasoning (more of that garlic kick.)

Toppings (10/15) — Shredded Iceberg lettuce, a lot of it. Two large tomato slices, plenty of red onion, and a fresh nice pickle spear on the side.

Condiments (0/10) — Nothing on the burger. Ketchup was brought out with the order and mustard was provided upon request.

Ambiance (0/*) — I stood waiting for a host to come out and seat me for about 10 or so minutes, despite the restaurant being mostly empty. The space very much gives me that ’70s restaurant’ vibe with lots of wood paneling and leather booth seating. Random smatterings of ’50s and ’70s movie and ‘Italian’ art on the walls. Nothing really worked for me.

Total (57/100) — This could have been worse. The last time I ate at Caffe Italia was back in 2009, and I got food poisoning from it. Before that I ate there in 2006, and got food poisoning. That didn’t happen this time, which is good. ‘Not being poisoned’ is an incredibly low bar to set for an eating establishment, which is bad. But, that’s the history I have with Italia. Blue cheese was an option and if I ever find myself here again I think that is what I’ll have on the burger instead, it’d be strong enough and would work well with the patty I think.