Best Cheeseburger in Davis: Seasons

Seasons’ Valley Raised Kobe Burger w/ Cheddar

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I’m not going to tire you with talk of my busy work schedule and moving to a nearby city… You’re here to read about cheeseburgers. So, cheeseburgers it is! We’re getting to the last of the contestants with only Seasons, today’s review, and G Street Wunderbar remaining. I’ve been looking forward to this cheeseburger, Seasons is one of the “nicer” restaurants in Davis. It’s common to see graduation dinners or UCD faculty gatherings here. I’ve eaten here a few times before and was never disappointed. On top of that the place is also has a nice location, a beautiful bar, and a lovely patio.

I had high hopes.

Note the pickle and pepperoncini on the top

The Review — Seasons

Patty (16/35) — Very thick, also very much not Kobe. Way too much fat and/or the chef didn’t let the meat rest after taking it off the grill. First bite had a lot of promise but it disappeared as I ate the burger. Not a lot of seasoning and not evenly distributed throughout the patty. Some bites had a nice peppery taste others had none. Not medium-rare, barely medium. I wonder about the quality of the beef because of the amount of fat/drippings in this patty.

Cheese (18/25) — Sharp cheddar. It’s really quite good but it is often overwhelmed by the BBQ aioli on the burger.

Bun (15/15) — Good ciabatta roll, nicely toasted. Soft while being substantial and moist. Nice yeasty taste. Despite the quality of the bun it was overwhelmed by all the liquid in the patty and toppings.

Toppings (15/15) — GA real amazing tomato, thick, juicy, and a lot of flavor. The menu said it’s an heirloom but it doesn’t name the varietal, very good. Pickle and pepper on top of the burger were very good as well. I wish they had been in the burger though. The Iceberg lettuce was fresh and crisp. I don’t know why the shredded it. Fried onion strings instead of fresh onion were good, work well with the aioli

Condiments (7/10) — The only condiment on the burger was a BBQ aioli. I like BBQ aiolis and sauces. I don’t know if they belong on a regular cheeseburger though. I also don’t know if it should be this sweet. This was the predominant flavor of the entire cheeseburger. To its detriment.

Ambiance (10/*) — Lovely outdoor patio, really nice acoustics. Despite being surrounded by others diners and near a major thoroughfare in Davis the noise was low and I was able to speak normally with my friend. We were seated next to a water fountain that added a playful feel to the meal.

Total (81/100) — A lot of mixed messages in this cheeseburger. It seems to be wanting to be all things to all people and not pulling any of it off very well. Mayo, Mustard, and Ketchup would serve the burger better or they should pull the lettuce and tomato and add some bacon. In the end, $19 is a lot to pay for this caliber of burger. Froggy’s is literally around the corner and for half the price!