Chapter 5 of Unwavering Equality — Gender equality through gender-biased laws demonstrated, now, FEMINISM.

Please tell me if you also notice that the faces of women have started to look like they are faces of men and vice versa. Don’t read this if you are proud of this reversal. I somehow don’t find it very attractive. I like a woman that looks, feels, and talks like a woman of love and equality, not like a victim. My mind, my choice :) Whether what I write is here:

Let us start from here and give you a perspective over why I hate isms. I hope by the end of this chapter you notice, there are always two sides to a coin.

Feminism- The advocacy of women’s rights on the basis on gender equality. If you hate men, you’re not a feminist.

That to me is what I thought feminism was and so I loved that movement.

Not much seems to have changed.

6:15 onwards- Equality of opportunity is a great thing. Anyone with any sense champions equality of opportunity. I mean, even if you’re purely selfish say and purely self-centered you’d want to set up an economy where everyone who had ability could be maximally exploited by everyone else because then we can all benefit from each other’s talents. And so equality of opportunity is a absolutely useful. But it has nothing to do with equality of outcome. Those things aren’t even in the same conceptual universe and to strive for equality of outcome is well, it’s a Fool’s game and likely to be extraordinary. It has proved to be in the past extraordinary dangerous as well as impossible. The more egalitarian your state the bigger the personality differences between men and women. That’s like the it’s how do you measure that? How do you know that? Oh, well psychologists have perfected at least to some degree the measure of Personality over the last 30 years with very Advanced statistical models. And so what you do is you offer men and women well validated tests of preference and of personality and you do that all across the world with tens of thousands of people in multi-country samples. And then you look at the difference between men and women and then you rank order that by wealth and egalitarian social policy. And what you find is the more egalitarian the society the more different the men and women become.
“Men stopped behaving like gentlemen when women stopped behaving like ladies”.

While most of what feminism is, is non-sense I agree with the below video too.

That stuff in the video really does happen. Call out the one who does it. For if you notice, there are men on her side of the table who are not sexist or patriarchal, if they were, she wouldn’t be in that position. The men voted too.

Please do read the comments on this video and generally any video surrounding feminism.

Also, wonder why so many women, have started looking like men. Where is their softness? (I apologize if seeking softness in women is patriarchal, you see, I have not subscribed to the meanings of most urban words that seem to tell, there is a hidden motive for pulling someone down — A nihilist is better in today’s world then those playing victims)

Often times, racism is found to be so ingrained in America that it seems if you challenge racism, you are challenging America. My demand is so small, and yet this is the amount of effort I have had to make from chapter 1 to chapter 6. I hope you will read it all. I am not challenging females. I am challenging why they don’t stand up for equality anymore. In that, I often have to challenge feminism, and it seems feminism has gone so deep into females that they have forgotten that I am only challenging feminism and not womanhood.

#womenagainstfeminism —

Read descriptions on any videos by Preseed Admin like the two below.

This video covers the topic that triggered me into this research.

Feminism originally started to fight for equal rights of women, nowadays it has started oppressing and victimizing men. 3rd wave feminism is a total disaster.

I agree:

Harvey Weinstein, Nirbhaya’s rapisits and men like them are the biggest reason why I have had to write these chapters. Everyone knows that and can’t reiterate enough. As you read along, don’t think I don’t acknowledge this and how this led to a knee jerk reaction globally, and rightly so. But must it remain so in the assumption that knee jerk reactions don’t cause newer problems or must it be discussed in the assumption that if knee jerk reaction happened to arm-twist laws, they must have caused some newer problems? Must the one who makes you think about the others side of the coin be ignored or be read, deeply? It is up to you. I live a life of desire of no brownie points from anyone.

I also agree:

So, men if you don’t stop, you will suffer. How will you suffer? Read below and know that this is the last time I will make an attempt to fix the sufferings that you have had to face because of some other nasty criminals who take verbal sexism and objectification too far, all the way to crimes like rape.

Notice this too — and and
Read the description of this video on Youtube.

There are more troubles, I am writing here for that reason. I am for equality in law in 21st century between modern men and modern women. Why? Because of the equal internet and education to modern women.

and because I, like many other men, who stood up for women, whenever there was news of any atrocity against them and proudly called my self a feminist, but now no more! Enough of isms for me.

One of the great isms to criticize is feminism because if you criticize women, women would think you hate women. For the record, I love women. In fact, I sometimes thank the existence that there is equal opportunity, education and rights for women (except legal rights, for their women are clearly unequal :p) for I can now dream to marry a woman that can feed me food and pay the rent for just one balcony room in her apartment, while I could put my entire day into activism against isms, starting with the most difficult one to address.

Women commissions are very powerful. I do wonder how do they not see the plight of mothers and sisters. — Source. Btw, if everything written on this is true, no girl should ever stand up for the stuff I have tried to convert from this screenshot

“The evidence doesn’t support that” vs “I disagree with that”, that’s the problem. Don’t be a human who feels his/her opinion is better than well researched stats. (Remember, media is propaganda machinery, not a machinery of facts and stats). I have actually researched, by surrendering not just my profession but also my comfort and lifestyle. Debate with me, after you have surrendered your profession, to buy yourself real-time, for uncovering the truth.

I think it was Sowell who said that movements like Feminism start as rebellion, turn into a business, and end up as a racket.

Feminism now is — the pursuit of misery. The natural state of all feminists is conflict. Avoid them, unless they are intelligent and considerate enough to consider the counter views I have curated for them here. Avoid them especially if they are like a recent friend of mine, who, after spending 20 seconds on the works of Dr. Jordan Peterson and Deepika Narayan Bharadwaj, said, “I will never look into their works” (because I am a feminist, while she meant, because I am into the profession of advertising and I like peddling lies.

Your husband is indeed a very lucky and blessed man Cassie

If you guys are wondering, why I say so, read the comments on that Instagram photo and watch my Youtube playlist on Feminism :


Surprised that a National Commission for women voting says so. You won’t be if you have read all the chapters.

Here is the new development adding to cancer that is destroying left:

After years of talking about the long list of serious men’s issues, and facing disbelief, blissful ignorance and hostile feminists at every turn, it’s very refreshing to finally see this topic discussed on TED. And although this was exclusively talking about India, much of the same applies to the western world, although many laws depend on the location. A Youtube commenter’s comment on Youtube TEDx video of Amit Deshpande.

I’ve kept a list of some of the talking points that are often discussed by men’s rights activists in the west:

— Men are overrepresented in all the physically demanding, dangerous & outdoors jobs, accounting for men representing over 96% of the serious workplaces injuries and fatalities. Where’s the demand by women for equal representation in those jobs? Aside from managerial positions.

— Men serve 65% longer jail time for the exact same crime as a woman. And women are twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted. This gender gap is about six times larger than the racial disparity. The biggest disparity being between black men and white women.

— Boys are doing worse than ever in school due to an educational system that’s stacked against them. They are currently outperformed by women in nearly évery area, and college enrolment rates for men are down to 35–40%. The majority of teachers are now also female, and various studies suggest female teachers tend to rate girls higher than boys for the same answers. If the same happened to women, everyone would be up in arms demanding educational reforms.

— Women are responsible for half the domestic violence in relationships in which both partners are violent, and 70% of the violence in relationships in which only one partner is violent. Mothers are also responsible for up to 45% of child killings, more than any other group. And yet the media only ever talks about male abusers and female victims. Hotlines/shelters also focus exclusively on women. And thanks to the ‘predominant aggressor’ law, based on the feminist Duluth model, men are arrested by default on a DV call.

Recent related study:

— For 80 years rape was defined as ‘the carnal knowledge of a woman against her will’ making it impossible for men to be seen as victims and women as perpetrators. Even now, it revolves entirely around penetration of the victim, which still doesn’t allow for female perpetrators. The CDC did a study and made it’s own category called ‘made to penetrate’, which showed men reported being ‘made to penetrate’ just as much as women reported being raped. In any sane world, rape should be defined as gender-neutral. (and schools should teach that an erection is not always voluntary, and not a sign of consent)

— The current lowest estimate of false rape accusations against men lies around 25 to 26 percent. Another peer-reviewed study estimates 41% of all rape accusations being false. So in other words, anywhere between 25% and 41% of all rape accusations are false, which seems to merrit proper questioning of any rape accusation, and holding on firmly to due process. — That ‘Only 2 to 8 Percent of Rape Accusations Are False’ Stat Is Extremely Misleading.

If a rape is unproven its counted as a rape. If a FA is unproven its counted as a rape. This is the doubt standard employed to produce that utter BS statistic.

Court Verdict — Verdict for stats Man found Guilty — Guilty Man found Not Guilty — Guilty Women found not guilty of FA — Man Guilty Women found guilty of FA <- There is your 2%

— Men die 5–7 years earlier than women, but women‘s health gets four times more funding. — Men commit suicide at four times the rates of women. Up to eight times after divorce. Men are almost 80% of suicide victims.

— Men are overwhelmingly more likely to be victims of homicide by both men and women, and yet the focus always is on female victims.

— 62% of the homeless in the US are male.

— Boys make up 50 percent of the sex-trafficked victims in the U.S and most of the world. Yet the focus is always entirely on girls.

— Men make up 40% of acid attack victims worldwide, even though almost all of the victims shown in the media are women.

— Men have zero reproductive rights

— Paternity fraud is rampant in the US. In 30% of cases fathers had the DNA tested, they discovered they were paying child support for children who were not theirs. The estimate in the general public is 10–30%. And even in cases where fathers could prove the child was not there’s, the court often rules that any child born when the couple is together is the man’s financial responsibility.

— When men can’t afford child support, (often on top of alimony) they end up in a loop of going to jail, (and risk getting abused/beaten/raped by actual criminals) losing their job, and repeating the process over and over, making things worse and worse and reducing one's chances of ever ending the cycle. Often ending in suicide. Critics compare the plight of these large numbers of men to the infamous “debtors prisons” before such institutions were outlawed in the 1800s. The system unfairly penalizes poor and unemployed parents who have no ability to pay. On top of that society shames those men who can’t afford child support as deadbeat dads, ignoring the fact that statistically there are more deadbeat moms avoiding child support.

— Women get child custody in about 85% of the cases.

— Girls are protected under law from circumcision, boys are not. (his body, not his choice) There are no valid health reasons to justify permanently mutilating an infant without anesthesia (and studies suggest, permanently psychologically traumatize) that regular bathing practices won’t also remedy. And given that infants aren’t sexually active, there’s no justification for not giving a young adult that choice when he’s actually reached an age where it might potentially be relevant.

— Selective service in the US is required only of men, and participation is tied directly to voting rights. Women have no such demand, associated with voting rights or otherwise.

— In every serious study, the wage gap between the entire male and female genders has been shown to not be systemic discrimination, but down to different choices and preferences. The wage gap comparison fails to take into account critical factors like education, career, specialized fields, parttime/fulltime, maternity leave, hours worked, asking for raises, etc. When a man and a woman make the exact same choices, the wage gap disappears. In fact, recent studies in the UK showed that women under 30 now actually make more than men for the exact same work due to educational bias and all kinds of incentives and programs. And yet the claim is maintained by some as a desperate attempt to prove men are oppressive and the system is rigged against women. Women aren’t paid less for the same work. As average women are paid less than men, but that’s a meaningless comparison unless you account for all contributing factors. Otherwise, it’s as useless as taking an average of the entire population's income and saying that average is what each person makes, ignoring the different classes ánd the massive difference between the 1% and the rest of us. Women also control over 60% of the wealth in the US, and control over 80% of household budgets. And for women, things like insurance, club entrance, gym membership, etc are much cheaper than they are for men. And men are also still expected to pay for dinner & drinks, even when women earn more than they do.




Unless we punish those who misuse women rights including women, police and lawyers; innocent men, women and the grand movement of feminism will suffer, and prehaps even perish.

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