The Quintessential Hinder Setlist

At the ripe age of ten-years-old, the most popular band on the planet was Hinder. I was enthralled by their sound. Perhaps it was the fact that their smash single “Lips of An Angel” was the soundtrack to my 6th-grade year, where after getting dropped off at the Chiller on Friday’s, I would skate around to the song while holding the hand of my crush. Or maybe it’s because that Summer, I had my first ego death after huffing spray-on deodorant in my friend’s garage while blasting the timeless track “Get Stoned”. Either way, in 2005, the only thing I asked for as a birthday gift was concert tickets to see Hinder. Their music was Gospel in my mind. It‘s unquestionable: Hinder was, and will always be my favorite band.

Cut to today. I find out that Hinder has a Summer tour planned for 2016, and one of their stops is in the legendary Adelphia Music Hall in Marietta, one of the crown-jewel cities of Ohio. I got excited. I mean, real excited. I immediately put on one of my old concert tees from sometime in High School (I’ve seen them four times in all and buy merch at every stop). I also throw on an old mix of Hinder songs I made way back on iTunes 6.0 and kept in my library for twelve years. And then it dawns on me: I no longer have to ask my parents for concert tickets. I have a part-time job at Michaels Arts & Crafts, and I can buy these tickets my own damn self.

So I do.

And the best part? The venue is intimate enough that I don’t have to go through TicketMaster. I can just walk right up before the show and get myself a ticket. That’s how you know a band has a legacy: when they can buck the system and sell tickets right before they go on, instead of leaving them online for the scalpers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had front-row seats for Hinder or some of my other favorite bands (Hoobastank, Disturbed) only to have someone using automated computer programs to eliminate the time their checkout process takes and scoop up all the tickets to resell before REAL fans can click the “Buy” button.

After getting over the initial excitement, I began to really think about what this concert was really going to be like. For one, I’m old enough to drink now. If you know Hinder, you know they’re are really partying hard and so are their fans. Now I can finally feel like a man inside of the HinderHouse (that’s the nickname for their mosh pit) while slugging back some brews and headbanging with the best of ’em. And of course, beyond the privilege of now being able to engage in some adult horseplay with fellow Hinderotics (that’s the nickname for their fans), it’s also been four years since I’ve seen them last, and in that time, they put out another album. ‘When The Smoke Clears’ was released in 2015 none of their tour dates passed through Ohio and cash was tight so I couldn’t attend. It was a bummer, but hey, at least I could still buy the record on iTunes.
So, that being said, there are some songs that I’ve never heard performed live. And that got me thinking…

What would be ‘The Quintessential Hinder Setlist’?

To start, allow me to paint a picture and set the scene.

We are in the dimly lit Adelphia Music Hall. People have been slowly but surely packing the house over the past hour or so. The stage is near the floor, and the die-hard fans have already staked out their territory and began discussing fun factoids about the band. The room smells like someone might be smoking a bowl of weed or something. Tonight, there are no opening bands. It’s Hinder’s time to shine. It’s the original lineup, too. Austin Winkler is rocking out on lead vocals. Mike Rodden is ready to jam some bass. Mark King is ready with the rhythm guitar and backup vocals. Joe “Blower” Garvey has the other rhythm guitar. And of course, the diabolical snarebear himself, our most beloved drummer, Cody Hanson. It’s now 9:30 and the band is yet to go on, leaving fans starting to worry about whether or not Hinder is going to show. And just then, the lights cut. We hear some shuffling around on stage. And then, out of nowhere, Austin’s voice come through the microphone. He asks: “Marietta, are you ready to get stoned?”

1. “Get Stoned” It’s not often that bands luck out and get a hit single to also be the first song on their debut album. For this reason, I think it’s a great song to lead off with. Also, Austin gets the added bonus of using the song title to indicate that this performance is about to get us high like we were doing some drugs maybe. It also establishes the one thing everyone there who have always followed the band knows: Hinder is timeless. The crowd starts rocking out. We’re all making this music together.

2. “Up All Night” Although this gem came along a little later in the discography, it features arguably one of Hinders top three all-time riffs. It sets the tone. We’re going to be partying our faces off all night, and it’s Hinder’s fault.

3. “Room 21” Again, this riff slays. While Austin and Cody start some witty back-and-forths about the band’s history, the crowd starts feeling their buzz a bit more. Austin then asks the crowd, “Who here is 21?” And while I’m excited that I can finally cheer back with a nice cold beer in my hand, I’m even more ecstatic over the fact I know what song is coming up. And it’s one of my favorites.

4. “Intoxicated” This transitions smoothly from the last song. Everyone is shouting back,

“Ya, you know I am the poison you need
I’ll be the smoke, take a hit off of me.
I’m like the Devil with my tongue,
Give you that dirty kind of love
One taste and you can’t get enough
You be the vein, I’ll be the drug.”

I’m clearly in good company. This song was off their 2015 record, and only true fans know the words.
5. “I Need Another Drink” More new material. Hell yes. I am now dancing with a chick I met at the bar, and we’re singing this together because we shared that bonding experience over alcohol. I can really feel Mark and Mike’s amps rocking the house.

6. “Loaded and Alone” I figured we’d be at a slow song by now. I could use a breather from dancing, but hey, it’s Hinder. What’d you expect? This is another crowd pleaser. Security is starting to get antsy up at the barrier, and you can tell they don’t really have to deal with this type of rowdiness all that often.

7. “Up All Night” This song was the first single off of 2008’s ‘Take It To The Limit’. Most people in the concert hall know the words, and everyone is now up on their feet clapping and raging hard.

8. “Striptease” Okay now that girl is really dancing on me. This is awesome. I can’t remember the last time that something made me feel this good. I completely forget my bouts of social anxiety and the skin condition on my forearms isn’t even at my forethought. She doesn’t seem to mind either. This is why Hinder is powerful. They connect people. The solo at the end of this song demands to be listened to.

9. “Hey Ho” Finally, a slow song. This is from ‘All American Nightmare’ just like the previous song. They have a light show accompanying the instrumentals.

“Never been so happy to see a girl leave.
Take Little Wayne outta my player, please.
Shoulda never let you smoke my smoke.
I like gettin’ high, not ridin’ low.”

Some of my favorite lyrics from the whole record are in this song.

10. “Wasted Life” This song isn’t about actually wasting your life away. Obviously, these guys couldn’t relate to that because they’re rock stars. Joe “Blower” Garvey opens this bitch up with some strums that make the floor quake. This is off the new record, and of course, just like last time, so many of the people in the mosh pit know the words. We’re all standing with our arms around each other’s shoulders and enjoying Austin’s rendition of the song even though their new vocalist, Marshal Dutton, wrote it.

11. “Waking Up The Devil” This is it. The peak of the mosh pit so far. It’s fantastic. Austin even takes the lead guitar on a journey that doesn’t mirror the studio recording, but it works so well that no one complains and we all just keep rocking.

“Almost midnight
I’m just sittin’ at the bar
You slide right up
And whisper “I know who you are.”

Need I say more?

12. “Use Me” Pretty obvious that Hinder is now just on a mission to unleash the hellfires of rock and roll on us. Everyone in the whole stadium is losing their minds.

13. “Homecoming Queen” This is a song about youth, and I know it’s meant to remind the fans who have been around since day one about all the good times Hinder brought to them. I’m kissing that girl on the cheek and it’s as warm feeling as the memories of holding that girl’s hand back at the Chiller in 6th grade. I teared up a bit, and that’s okay, because music is supposed to make you feel.

14. “Lips Of An Angel” Hinder’s greatest song, hands down. Everyone who’s anyone knows it. It opens with Austin’s clean acoustic guitar and, oddly enough, Mark King is playing the lead parts. This is how Hinder used to roll. This is pure Hinder. The whole coliseum is belting out the words and lighters are in the air. Everyone who had their phone out to take videos of the concert have put their devices away so they can experience this moment in its purity. The song ends, the band walks off of the stage, and the lights dim.


15. “What Ya Gonna Do” With deafening applause, the band takes the tage again. But what’s this? A mysterious sixth man is standing next to Austin in the shadows. Then, all of a sudden, the figure is illuminated. It is Marshal Dutton. Here, on this stage, we see Austin and Marshal bury the hatchet, and coexist as the two lead singers of Hinder. Everyone in the crowd is reminded that no grudge is worth keeping and that we should be mindful of who we hurt, especially those we love. They share the microphone and sing the song, and the show ends with them proclaiming in harmony:
“I’m livin’ life with no regrets
They’re on their way, but ain’t here yet!”

Back to reality.

Obviously, this is just what I would like to happen. It’s highly unlikely this show will go down exactly as I dream it would, but wouldn’t it be something?

I’ve been through a lot of changes these past 11 years, but one thing has remained: Hinder. They have that unique sound that makes you want to fall in love and party all in the same night.

Some people who love a band make alternative album art covers, fan-made music videos, or unofficial merchandise. I made the ultimate setlist. I’m sure not every Hinderotic may agree with me on this, but it’s what I know to be true in my heart. It would really make this show one of a kind. Maybe after June 7th, I’ll be able to say I wasn’t wrong for dreaming so big.

And to Hinder: Thank you for saving my life. Keep on rocking.

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