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Building the pharmaceutical care experience everyone deserves.

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  • Affordability: At the HIV clinic, Antiretroviral medications were given for free and this contributed to why a couple of people preferred the hospital for their refills. This isn’t surprising considering that healthcare is expensive and costs are constantly increasing.
  • Adherence: Every other day, there was always a story about why someone isn’t using their medications properly. The problem of medication adherence is a huge one as most people struggle to complete their dose for various reasons. Some forget because it’s hard to stick to a routine while some leave their medications behind when traveling. Adherence was a constant struggle at the clinic.
  • Belongingness: For anyone who has gone through any health condition for a prolonged period of time, there is the emotional burden that comes with having to constantly live with it. In big healthcare facilities where the service providers are often overwhelmed, there’s a patient-need that gets overlooked. People with health conditions sometimes need emotional support and the clinic offers a sense of belonging — that they are not alone. This is an under-delivered need that leaves patients sometimes worried after each hospital visit.
  • Discretion: Medical conditions are quite personal to people and most people seek discretion with their medications. It wasn’t rare to find people transfer medications to a less suspicious container. In a bid to achieve this discretion, patients often mix up their medications and these errors were very common.
  • Convenience: We believe that nobody should have to endure long queues or extended periods looking for their medications in a bid to refill. We want to build an experience that ensures that people with health conditions can set up their medication needs and enjoy repeated deliveries of their medication anywhere they want it.
  • Access: By ensuring that people with health conditions always have their medications, we’re removing the burden of access to good pharmaceutical care. One of the lessons we’ve learned while working on building Famasi is that people living with heart conditions often go to lengths to get their medications. For us, our promise is simple — Never run out of medications.
  • Support: In a bid to solve other non-medication needs that come with using medications, we’re building Famasi to provide ongoing support through monitoring, periodic check-ups, reminders, and community events such that people with health conditions do not have to bear the burden alone. We aim to build Famasi to be the companion that is there for you, medication-wise.



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