Dear museum educators: what’s your attitude?

Astrid Poot
May 8, 2017 · 2 min read

I’ve written this blog after our keynote at the International Hands-on conference.

Who are you?

In my career I’ve come across al lot of clients and partners. All with their own approach. I’d like to highlight three to share my thoughts on how an approach can color the product you are developing.

The three:

The expert

This is her:

  • Self image: I know
  • Energy: I am focused
  • Behaviour: I steer
  • Towards audience: I impress
  • Empathy: might be a bit

The expert

This is him:

  • Self image: I feel
  • Energy: I wonder
  • Behaviour: I engage
  • Towards audience: I inspire
  • Empathy: on the spot

The partner

  • Self image: I learn
  • Energy: I try
  • Behaviour: I cooperate
  • Towards audience: I invite
  • Empathy: (way too) high

There is no good or bad type in developing projects, but it is nice to understand the risks that these different approaches bring. The three types all have their specific qualities, but also their own personal pitfall:It is easy to imagine the type of products these three people would create.

  • Known pitfall of The Expert is to forget about the user’s (simple) needs.
  • Pitfall of The Inspirer is to overlook that people are failing to connect.
  • And The partner might offer no focus or direction.

When developing projects, we try to be very aware of the focus and pitfalls of the team, so we can challenge and improve our solutions. For this we use our Level of love checklist. Check it out!

Familie van Fonk maakt producten voor kinderen, familie en het onderwijs. Nieuwsgierig? Kom eens met ons praten of bekijk onze andere projecten.

Familie van Fonk

Wij zijn familie van Fonk.

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