10 Easy Peasy Chores for Kids Ages 6 & 7

For Moms & Dads who have kiddos ages 6 & 7 years old

This is the third post of chore ideas by kid age. If you would like to open the previous chore ideas by age (ages 2–5), start here.

Screen shots from the PopChart Family apps
  • Sweep
  • Wipe counters and tables
  • Help clean up outside toys
  • Pull weeds
  • Feed and water pet
  • Tidy-up bedroom
  • Help load dishwasher
  • Bring in mail (with a parent)
  • Bring dirty clothes to laundry room
  • Pick out clothes and dress

These chore ideas are some of the preloaded chore ideas that parents can optionally use from within the PopChart Family apps.

Have any more chore ideas for this age group? Feel free to leave in the comments below.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll post a new chores idea list but for kids ages 8 and 9.

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