12 Age-Appropriate Chore Ideas for Kids Ages 2 & 3

For Parents with Toddlers

Sara and Luke ❤️

Here are some age appropriate chore ideas for the younger kiddos.

  • Put away toys with help
  • Find shoes and socks, try and put them on
  • Undress at bathtime
  • Put dirty clothes in hamper
  • Pick out clothes (with help)
  • Try and get dressed
  • Hold dustpan for parent
  • Put books on shelf or in bin
  • Throw away trash
  • Put dirty utensils in kitchen sink
  • Turn on/off nightlight
  • Brush teeth (parents brush again after)
  • Wash hands with step stool

These ideas are some of the preloaded chore ideas that parents can optionally use from the PopChart Family apps.

Have any more chore ideas for this age group? Feel free to leave in the comments below.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll post a new chores idea list but for kids ages 4 and 5.

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