12 Easy Chore Ideas for Kiddos Ages 4 & 5

For Parents with Child in Pre-K and Kindergarten


On yesterday’s post, I included a list of chore ideas for kids ages 2 & 3. Today, we graduate to Pre-K and Kindergarten chore ideas. 🤠

  • Get dressed
  • Dust with cloth (no chemicals)
  • Put books away
  • Put toys away
  • Water outside plants
  • Put dirty dishes and utensils in sink
  • Wash up before/after meals
  • Help set table
  • Help clear table
  • Pour a drink
  • Make a basic sandwich
  • Start learning to make bed

These chore ideas are some of the preloaded chore ideas that parents can optionally use from within the PopChart Family apps.

Have any more chore ideas for this age group? Feel free to leave in the comments below.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll post a new chores idea list but for kids ages 6 and 7.

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