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Fabuloso Can Cause a Fire When Used in Airwick Diffusers

Do This Instead to Save Money

Like many consumers, I love Fabuloso. It is a great product that cleans extremely well and smells even better. I use it on my floors, mix it in spray bottles to clean my counters, and even add it to buckets-full of water to wash the interior and exterior of my automobiles. I’ve even thrown a capful in my washing machine clothes when I happened to buy a cheap laundry detergent with no scent. I’m an Arm & Hammer-Sensitive Skin gal, myself (most of the time anyway).

However, what I don’t do is jimmy off the top of my Airwick refills and pour Fabuloso in them, despite the many videos shared by well-intentioned, money- conscious cleaners who recommend that I do it to help me save a few extra, important pennies. It is here where I draw the line. Why?

Because Fabuloso is flammable and can cause fires when heated. And losing everything that I own and possibly my family to the risk of a scent-filled room isn’t on my particular agenda, especially when there are safe alternatives to saving $11 every few weeks on these little luxuries. In this challenging economic environment, who isn’t looking for more ways to save?

If you are intent on jimmying the cap off of these refills and filling them with anything, here are a few safe alternatives:

  1. A few drops of vanilla extract added to water
  2. A few drops of lemon juice added to water
  3. A bit of cinnamon added to water
  4. A few drops of concentrated oils such as Tea Tree oil, Lavender (my favorites) added to water
  5. A few drops of almond extract added to water

I readily use all five with an emphasis on the water part of that equation and all of them leave my home smelling delicious, warm and welcoming without worry of anything unintentionally set ablaze. My suggestion would be to try these options instead.

Look, I get it. When the choice is between buying a family-sized bag of chicken nuggets or a pack of five Airwick refills, we know which option most parents will settle upon. But there are safer alternatives to Fabuloso. And safer is always better.

“Don’t risk what you can’t afford to lose,” has always been a motto of mine. I stand by it here too. Keep your usage of Fabuloso out of the way of Airwick diffusers (all diffusers, really) and ultimately anything such as flames or electrical currents that generate heat. You don’t want your good intentions to become your worst nightmare.



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