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SPIRITT Family Services

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What is SPIRITT: Spiritt is a non-profit organization in Los Angeles that provides services to children, schools, adults and families. There are 6 family centers and services ranging from, counseling, domestic violence programs, family focus education, and case management.

How can you get involved: Get involved by joining a variety of different programs or call any of the 29 call centers. Requirements for different programs range from, social work referral, medical referral, and grants help sustain some of the programs fees.

What Programs are specifically offered for parents at SPIRITT: Support groups, health program, leadership program, conferences, relationship with nearby shelters, grandparent as leaders, open classes for parents, dom group, program support group, women leadership, teen violence, substance abuse.

Hours for SPIRITT: Monday-Friday 8:00- 5:30

Whittier Area Community Church (WACC)

Whittier Area Community Church offers support groups for those who seek God’s healing power. WACC’s goal is to provide a safe place to share experiences while also seeking God’s help through worship and small group interaction. Anyone who wishes to seek help through God’s restoration are welcome.

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Support groups offered:

  • Celebrate Recovery: This is a 12-step recovery program for people who are struggling with various addictions and compulsive issues. There are men’s dependency groups as well as women’s dependency groups to ensure a safe and comfortable space to share your experiences.
  • Divorce Care: Divorce is a painful and stressful emotional experience. Divorce care allows you to recover and rebuild your life. Through this support group, you will find that you are not alone. There are other participants and group leaders who understand what you are going through.
  • Grief Share: Grief Share is for those who are dealing with overcoming an emotional obstacle. If a loved one has recently passed, this is a very tight knit group that shares their inner most emotional battles. There is a workbook as part of the curriculum which costs $15. Contact information for Grief Share: Lidy Caldera 562.945.4500 x 116 or
  • Men’s Purity Group: This group is to provide help for men who are struggling with a sexual addiction.
  • Men’s Issues: There are many issues that men may endure, ranging from anger management to alcoholism. This group will face these issues through interactions with other men who are living through the same difficulties.
  • Overcoming Our Emotional Challenges: This group is open to those who may be living with a bipolar disorder, anxiety, or even depression.
  • Never Give Up (Women): This one of the largest support groups at WACC. Women in this group share their experiences ranging from teen pregnancy to divorces. Everyone is welcome; ages range from 18–80.
  • Betrayal and Beyond: Betrayal and beyond is for women who may have experienced betrayal in a relationship.

Costs: Free of charge.

How to get involved in support groups: Registration is not required. All you have to do is show up!

Duration of support group meetings: Each session is typically 10 weeks long. Sessions repeat 2–3 times a year. Sessions meet every Monday from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Every last Monday of the month, WACC throws a barbeque for everyone involved in a support group. It’s a great time to socialize and enjoy great food! Barbeque starts at 5:30, which is followed by worship and support group meetings at 6:30.

Child Care options during services: Child care is provided free of charge. From infants to 6th graders, child care is provided.

Transportation: If transportation is an issue, WACC recommends Dial-A-Ride or Uber. There is also a bus station stop on the corner of Mar Vista and Colima.

Other Churches offered in Whittier Community

If you find yourself needing to reach out to God for support, but don’t feel WACC is a good fit for you, here is a link to a list of various churches in Whittier.

Emergency Hotlines

Do you have an emergency in which you can’t seek support through SPIRITT Family Services or Whittier Area Community Church? Here is a list of emergency hotlines.

US Suicide Hotline: 1–800–784–2433

Support Group: 800–826–3632

Suicide Prevention Services Crisis Hotline: 800–784–2433

Suicide Prevention Services Depression Hotline: 630–482–9696

Pregnancy Center: 800–560–0717

Support & Information: 800–792–5200

Crisis Help Line — For Any Kind of Crisis: 800–233–4357

Domestic & Teen Dating Violence (English & Spanish) 800–992–2600

Parental Stress Hotline — Help for Parents: 800–632–8188

Sexual Assault Hotline (24/7, English & Spanish) 800–223–5001

National Child Abuse Hotline: 800–422–4453

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800–799-SAFE

Fun Things to do for Parents in Los Angeles

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