Family tree of Abdurrahman Wahid

Oct 20, 2020 · 2 min read

Abdurrahman Wahid, also known as Gus Dur was the 4th President of Indonesia. His family is from Jombang, (near Surabaya). He had 5 siblings, most of them politicians. He married Sinta Nuriyah and had four daughters.

family tree of Gus Dur

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All children of Wahid Hasyim

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Maternal side

Abdurrahman Wahid is the cousin of Lathifah Shohib.

Bisri Syansuri (18 Sep 1886–25 Apr 1980)’s son Shohib Bishri (born 21 Nov 1932 Jombang) married Nadhiroh Manshur, and their children are:

Lathifah Shohib, Zaenab Shohib, Muflihah Shohib, Abdul Mujib Shohib, Abdulloh, Mas’adah Shohib, Mu’linah Shohib, Abdul Mu’id Shohib, and Abdul Salam Shohib.

Family tree of Lathifah Shohib

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