4 Predictions for the Final Season of “Better Call Saul”

The fates of Kim Wexler and Nacho Varga are on the forefront of our minds.

Shawn Laib
Apr 5 · 5 min read

When Breaking Bad concluded in 2013, nobody thought that a spin-off series could exist, expand, and aid our understanding of the beautiful world that Vince Gilligan put on screen. Enter Better Call Saul. Based around the previous life of Saul Goodman before falling down the dark pathway to Walter White’s drug empire, the prequel series has featured the same brilliant storytelling, cinematography, and acting as its predecessor.

The sixth and final season of Better Call Saul will be released sometime in 2022, with the cast and creators saying that they have started filming the conclusion to the incredible story of Jimmy McGill and company. This leaves us to ponder for the next several months how the show will conclude, and because it happened before the events of the original show we have an easier time of it predicting the final episodes’ events.

Here are four educated guesses of things that will happen when the show finally returns after a two year hiatus.

1. Something horrible will happen to Kim Wexler.

Kim is the biggest question mark character in the show. She has become Jimmy McGill’s anchor, for better or worse, as they push each other deeper into the underbelly of the law. We can’t imagine Jimmy’s world without Kim, but we know she no longer exists in his life during Breaking Bad.

Something is going to happen to take her out of the story, whether that be that she and Jimmy break up (not likely), she runs away from the collateral that is bound to overflow on top of her (more likely), or she even gets put in such danger that it results in her death. This scenario seems wild because it would probably force Jimmy to completely reevaluate his life, which we know he doesn’t do.

Still, I predict something ominous is on the horizon, especially with Kim embracing her inner demons by plotting to ruin Howard Hamlin’s life and career at the end of the fifth season. When you play with fire, karma comes into play. Her life is going to rip apart, one way or another.

I trust that the writers will create a realistic end game for one of the best female characters in recent TV history.

2. We will get a cameo of Walter White and/or Jesse Pinkman.

This show has already littered so many easter eggs and references to the original’s story and cast that it would seem like we are getting a little gipped if Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan don’t find a way to put one of these two icons into at least one scene.

Jesse already got his own sequel movie so we might be getting a little greedy asking for another appearance here. On the other hand, we know he is the one who introduces Walter White to Saul Goodman, so it would be fun to get a peak into how he met the man who is still barely hanging on to his Jimmy McGill origins.

Walt is a tad harder to involve in the current plot line of the series, seeing as how he is still just a bland science teacher with no intentions to become a drug lord yet. A possible cameo could come in one of the flash forward scenes that the show does so well, like the one that showed Saul clearing out his office with Francesca during the events of “Ozymandias”.

The show runners have been saying that this final season will tie the entire story of both shows together as one whole timeline, therefor getting to see Walt or Jesse would not only feel good, but also would be justified.

3. The final scene of the show will take place after “Breaking Bad’s” timeline.

One of the most artful and ambiguous plot devices used in Better Call Saul has been the scenes exploring the life of Jimmy’s alter ego in hiding following the events of Breaking Bad, Gene Takovic. Working at a Cinnabon in Omaha, Nebraska, the third iteration of Bob Odenkirk’s iconic character is in hiding after Walter White’s drug empire falls and Gene just wants to make sure nobody can recognize him as Heisenberg’s lawyer.

The most recent teaser at the beginning of Season 5 saw Gene getting recognized as Saul Goodman, leading him to call Ed the Disappearer for yet another new identity. He changes his mind at the last minute, and we were left waiting for the conclusion to this series-long saga.

Better Call Saul’s conclusion feels like it will be just as much about what happens to Jimmy McGill after Breaking Bad as it has been about what happened before it. In many ways, he is the third protagonist of Vince Gilligan’s universe along with Walt and Jesse. We got to see the former die in the meth lab and the latter escape to Alaska. It would feel wrong if we don’t find out what happens to Jimmy at the end of his road.

4. Nacho Varga and Lalo Salamanca’s fates will be unbeknownst to Jimmy.

One of the best connective tissues between the original show and the prequel is that Saul references both Nacho and Lalo when Walt and Jesse first kidnap him in Breaking Bad. Peter Gould made good on Saul’s fear when he molded two meaningless names into a couple of the most amazing characters in this entire universe.

We also know that with continuity being of the utmost importance, Jimmy will not know what happens to Nacho and Lalo at the end of this show because he thinks they have taken him hostage in the original series. That clues us in to the fact that these two worlds, those of the cartel and of the law, will have a little separation at the finish line of the sixth season.

Lalo is a Salamanca, a family line which is extinct at the hands of Gus, so his fate most certainly will be death and the journey towards the demise will be what is so thrilling. Lalo deserves an iconic ending on par with Hector and Gus and I know that it won’t disappoint.

Nacho has a chance at survival because he is not part of the family. He also has become a sympathetic figure in this show akin to Jesse Pinkman; he is a man who is being tugged in several different directions with people important to him in the crossfire of the madness. He wants nothing more than to get out, but he should know better than anyone that his occupation does not allow for much of an exit. Still, these writers like giving us a little bit of sentimentality for one person, so hopefully Nacho is the one chosen for it.


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