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Reva and the Star Wars

A Black Woman’s Corporate Journey as Reenacted in Obi-Wan Kenobi

Reva watching her promotion fly far, far away | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

I love Star Wars and I don’t live my life trying to gatekeep to other people who love Star Wars what they are supposed to love and what they are supposed to hate.

And I loved Obi-Wan Kenobi. Not only did bring more context to the Obi-Wan and Anakin relationship, but it also brought more meaning to Leia’s connection with Kenobi.

But also, after being a Star Wars fan my entire life, I got to see a black female Force user, and it was disturbingly relatable. Reva, aka The Third Sister’s journey and the overall bullshit she had to deal with, might be the most relatable thing I’ve seen in Star Wars.

Her journey is probably relatable to a lot of people in the corporate world, so let’s show a little appreciation for representation.

**Spoilers for Obi-Wan Kenobi**

Trapped in a Job You Hate with Vultures as Co-Workers

credit Lucasfilm ltd.

If you feel like you are stuck in a dead-end job just remember that Reva (and the other Inquisitors) are literally stuck in a job that leads to a dead end. Inquisitors don’t have happy endings in Star Wars.

They have to carry out a singular vision of a greedy CEO and his crazy Head of Operations who will Force-choke you if you step out of line. Add to that co-workers who try to undermine you and claim credit for things you’ve done.

Being an Inquisitor might be the most stressful corporate job in Star Wars.

Being Called Aggressive for Something Other People At Work Do Too

When someone picks a fight with the wrong one | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Have ambition at work? Watch out Black women because you’re going to be called “crazy” and “on a power trip.” It doesn’t matter that your tactics get results or you are the only Inquisitor that seems to not just wait for things to happen, you will be labeled as “too aggressive.”

So you chopped a talk-back bitch’s hand off, it’s not like you snapped a kid’s neck.

When Your Mediocre Boss Somehow Manages to Get on the Big Boss’ Good Side to Mock You

Grand Inquisitor being petty with his Grand Inquisitor Badge | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Have you ever been on an email chain at work that you are then looped out of, then looped back in only to see that you’ve been left out of some important work conversations for weeks?

That’s what happened to Reva when the Grand Inquisitor apparently secretly hid on Vader’s ship and was waiting around a rock to pop up and kick her while she was down (taking the Grand Inquisitor badge from her). Granted she tried to kill her boss, but that is also par for the course in that line of work.

It Takes Two Near-Death Experiences to Wake You Up

credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Getting stabbed once is a sign. Getting stabbed twice is a neon flashing light right in front of you telling you to rethink your career.

But you still keep pushing yourself until, exhausted, you collapse and open yourself up to therapy in the form of a Jesus-like individual who tells you it’s time to move on.

And sometimes it takes a while to open yourself to therapy, sometimes it takes hitting your lowest moment. And almost killing your boss’s kid in an act of revenge is pretty low.

Yes, your boss is still the worst. But maybe that kid will be more like his Mom.

But You’re a Survivor

credit Lucasfilm ltd.

But you pick yourself back up and have your moment of revelation and look to future opportunities. Wherever that future may take you, it is definitely better than your previous job where you were working yourself to death.

And, after you dust yourself off, you’ll come out with a new outfit, a new hairstyle, and a new person.

Star Wars is an epic Space Opera with so many fantastical elements but the Empire corporate structure and the dog-eat-dog world is pretty realistic if you work for a massive corporate entity…minus the red lightsabers of course.

So, thank you Star Wars, for this special kind of representation. I’ve never felt more truly seen.



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