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Three Characters Almost Certain to Appear in Andor (and One Wild Card)

Let’s play the cameo game.

Two characters who could grace the Imperial Senate with their presence in Andor | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Tony Gilroy is not about Easter eggs, but there is a difference between an egg hunt that Filoni likes to play and cameos/appearances that make sense in the timeline. None of these characters are on the cast list, so there is a chance that none of them will appear. But Star Wars always has a trick up their sleeve (and a character in their back pocket).

Senator Bail Organa

Senators Mon Mothma, Bail Organa and Padmé Amidala formed a political alliance in the later years of the Galactic Senate often at odds with Palpatine’s interests | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

It would be more impressive if Bail didn’t appear in Andor, but that is impossible. Bail is tied so tightly to Mon Mothma and the birth of the Rebel Alliance that I consider this a certainty.

Yes, Bail just appeared in Obi-Wan Kenobi, but that was also unavoidable because of the inciting incident of Leia’s kidnapping. And he was not in Kenobi for too long, but it would be great to see more scenes of Bail in the Senate working with Mon Mothma. It would also help give more context to his relationship with the late Senator Amidala that we get more of in The Clone Wars.

Emperor Palpatine (or his Proxies)

Remember when Lucasfilm had to hire a different actor to play Tarkin? | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Andor takes place at the same time as Star Wars Rebels during the last few years of the Galactic Senate. During this time, Palpatine weakened the Imperial Senate by giving Planetary Governors more power over their territory. He did this to preserve the illusion that member planets had power until the Death Star was operational. Given that this was his plan all along and we will be dealing with the Senate (Mon Mothma is a main character), we should see some arm of the Emperor, if not the man himself.

This brings Tarkin potentially into the mix again. The Book of Boba Fett has shown the difference a year made by combining de-aging and deepfake technology. Tarkin in Andor will look much better than Tarkin in Rogue One (and to untrained eyes, Tarkin looked pretty good in Rogue One).

Or we can see more of Palpatine’s right-hand man, Mas Amedda. The Chagrain Vice Chair was just background dressing in the Prequel Trilogy, at the Chancellor’s side in every Senate meeting and by his side when he proclaimed himself Galactic Emperor. But in the novels and other canon material, we learn that Mas Amedda was one of the few who knew that the Chancellor was Darth Sideous, so having him in the serious could be a way to feel the Emperor’s presence. Palpatine has already appeared in Obi-Wan Kenobi (which was almost unavoidable since Darth Vader featured heavily). Still, there are ways around him appearing in Andor, even though it would make sense.

Orsen Krennic

The coolest shot of an Imperial Officer still never seen in theaters. This shot of Director Krennic from the Rogue One Trailer was not in the film | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

The planets that the Empire will be occupying and exploiting in Andor have something to do with resources for the Empire. And some of those resources will be for the top-secret superweapon that Krennic oversees. Like the Emperor, if Krennic appears, I would not expect him to have a substantial part; however, because Mendelson was in Rogue One and is currently next door in the MCU, it should not be a problem convincing the actor to return. Krennic is an appearance I would bet on more in a future season, but I would not be surprised if he showed up in the first season’s finale.

The Wildcard: Wulff Yularen

Andor takes place at the same time as Rebels so Yularen (pictured here with Grand Admiral Thrawn) should be plenty busy but could make an appearance. | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

He is a wildcard simply because he leans more into the easter egginess of these franchises. Otherwise, Yularen should be in this series and this first season. Yularen was in A New Hope and died on the Death Star, but before that, he was a respected Admiral for the Republic Navy. With the establishment of the Galactic Empire rose, he resigned his post to lead the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB). And this is an organization popular in animation and novels that we will see extensively in live-action. One character listed in the cast and the trailer is Dedra Meero, a supervisor within the ISB. Meero is high enough to have a death trooper escort, so she is high enough to report directly to Yularen as her closest superior officer. By proxy, we could also meet the Deputy Director of the ISB, who has not appeared in any canon material (only referenced).

Side note- Yularen also had a close relationship with a high-ranking Imperial likely coming soon to live-action: Grand Admiral Thrawn. The Chiss officer will certainly not appear in the first season but do not be surprised if you hear a name drop.

With two confirmed seasons and 12 episodes in the first season, there is room for plenty of development and speculation. The difference between a series like this and an event series like Obi-Wan Kenobi is time. Andor has more time to develop both new and established characters. And because the series is marching towards Rogue One, we will see K-2SO (we know we will get more Saw Gerrera). Other familiar faces are inevitable, but it does not make the universe small. It makes it cohesive.



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