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Three Things LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Improves Upon the Films

Sometimes, LEGO just gets it.

At least LEGO Anakin left a note…| credit LEGO and Lucasfilm ltd.

The joy of playing with LEGOs can unlock creativity in a child’s mind. Playing LEGO Star Wars as a Star Wars fan can be a journey into the type of meta-ness that Star Wars fans sometimes want to run away from.

The actual main story gameplay of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is short, but there are a few gems that poke fun at the saga while also making more sense.

So here are three gems from the LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, short and sweet.

In LEGO Star Wars, Force lightning is also used to celebrate evil victories | credit LEGO and Lucasfilm ltd.

The Absurdity of Attack of the Clones

Between the unnecessary, now infamous, sand line and the exposed mid-drift, the Attack of the Clones playthrough and scenes embrace the ridiculousness of one of the worst Star Wars films (it really is not up for debate). You can still love the film, but please accept that it is terrible.

The beginning of Attack of the Clones makes it clear that someone is trying to kill Senator Amidala (blowing up her ship and killing a look-a-like handmaiden is a big giveaway). So why Zam Wessel, supposedly a skilled bounty hunter with a long rifle would need a kouhun (venomous arthropods) to finish the job is beyond me. They already know you’re coming for her, just wait for a clear shot and get it done.

But these aren’t just any arthropods that Zam sends. They are fully trained to know who their target is and to apparently avoid R2-D2’s flashlight. Zam Wessel could have been a dangerous animal whisperer.

The kouhuns in the film could be this intelligent | credit LEGO and Lucasfilm ltd.

And LEGO highlighted how this scene actually gave all the time for Padme to be rescued by Anakin and Obi-Wan.

In the LEGO scene, the two kouhuns take their time to raise an anvil to drop on Padme (who can still sleep through anything) giving R2-D2 enough time to sound the alarm. But even in that scenario, it is easier to understand Padme sleeping through than, well…

How do you sleep through this?! | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Holla Order 66

There is thorough, and then there is LEGO Palpatine. Calling the Clone Commanders and checking in on how Order 66 was proceeding is what film Palpatine should have done, given that in each new Star Wars series we learn about other Jedi who survived Order 66. Or maybe LEGO Palpatine was just calling Commander Gree because he knew that if there was a Jedi that survived Order 66, it would be Yoda.

It was not a bad idea on Yoda’s part, he just called the wrong Jedi Masters | credit LEGO and Lucasfilm ltd.

Speaking of Yoda, the little green Jedi Master does some paging on the comms himself. Instead of just sensing his fellow Jedi’s deaths, Yoda makes the extra step of trying to reach them. All attempts are futile, but it is something that I do wish was in the film. Since their Force abilities to see through Palpatine were already clouded, why would they rely on them at that point?

The Lightsaber Handling

This training bot is clearly trying to get someone killed | credit LEGO and Lucasfilm ltd.

The Mandalorian has done a great job showcasing how difficult the Darksaber should be to handle and wield. But that reality has never made its way to the films in the Skywalker Saga. The dangerous awkwardness that would surely come with someone who has never handled a laser sword would have is on point. Luke Skywalker almost skewers himself with the saber when he first handles it in A New Hope.

He then almost cuts down Chewie and Han on the Millennium Falcon while using the training bot. Again, Mando is a trained fighter and still had problems fighting with the Mandalorian lightsaber, Luke was a farm boy. He definitely should have struggled more.

Special Mention: Luke Skywalker humming the Star Wars Theme

I mean, he has been in most films other than R2D2, C-3P0, and Chewbacca, so if anyone had that level of self-awareness, it would be Luke Skywalker. And if this level of meta-ness were to be in any film, it would be in The Last Jedi.



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