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Top 5 Fake Presidents that are Better Than Trump

Not that it’s a high bar.

Kevin Tash
Sep 22 · 8 min read
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Long Shot is owned by Lionsgate.

It’s another election year so that means it’s time for Americans favorite past time: arguing with relatives about topics you don’t really know much about, searching around YouTube for videos that validate your already held beliefs, trying hard to actually keep up with everyone’s stances and policies so you know who most aligns with your values when you vote, and in general just feeling exhausted by the whole process.

In 2020, the election season feels more exhausting because for most people this year has been just terrible. Almost comically terrible in some senses due to just how oppressive living has been lately compared to recent years what with the whole pandemic locking us all up inside.

It’s so comically bad that going back and watching comedies with parody Presidents almost feels quaint at this point. And these are the top 5 fictional parody Presidents that. Honestly. They’re trying their best.

5. President Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Simpsons Movie

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The Simpsons Movie is owned by Fox/Disney and is currently streaming on Disney+. President Schwarzenegger is voiced by Harry Shearer

I almost didn’t include this because my criteria for this list was they had to be fake Presidents, not parodies of existing politicians and past Presidents, and that they had to be comedic in nature. No dark satire. Only goofy giggles.

But I’m making an exception for this one simply because President Schwarzenegger is more so a continuation of the shows other Arnold parody, McBain. I actually thought the President in this film was McBain until I googled it to double check. So to me that checks out.

President Schwarzenegger in this movie approves the wild call to put a dome over Springfield so the towns gross pollution doesn’t spread. Throughout the film it is shown that this was obviously the wrong call and that he was being manipulated by the villainous head of the EPA (seriously, why do so many movies have villains that are motivated by fighting climate change?).

But nevertheless, at least he was actually attempting to help the world by fighting climate change instead of just denying it’s existence because doing so costs less money.

And in real life, Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t exactly a bad politician himself so points for that too.

4. President James Dale in Mars Attacks!

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Mars Attacks is owned by Warner Bros. and is currently streaming on HBO Max. President Dale is played by Jack Nicholson.

There’s something weirdly comforting and nostalgic about watching Jack Nicholson ham it up in a role. That might just be because I grew up in an era where most of his roles in films were that. So watching him just chew scenery like it’s bubble gum gives me that same sensation of coming home after a long, cold, day at work in the dead of winter and snuggling by a fire place with a hot chocolate. It just feels right.

In this gloriously silly film, President James Dale is pretty inept but he’s trying his best. And he is clearly in over his head, as any President would be under the situation of an alien invasion. But he handles it fairly diplomatically at first, in a very positive way.

He doesn’t want to just start guns blazing, he assembled a team of experts with differing opinions and actually listened to them to figure out how to best handle the situation. He wanted to establish communication not fight.

The plan didn’t exactly go well, and he probably was being way too optimistic about peace after the Martians started committing genocide on humans and Danny DeVito.

But I don’t see a problem with a President who wants to negotiate peace talks instead of blindly going into a war the country and Jack Black is unprepared for.

This movie is so strange and criminally under-seen.

3. President Sir Lord Quentin Trembley III, Esq. in Gravity Falls.

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Gravity Falls is owned by Disney and is streaming on Disney+. President Trembley is voiced by series creator Alex Hirsch.

Gravity Falls is such an amazingly clever show, and I especially love it whenever the show just embraces the fact it’s a cartoon and goes full on weird.

Within the lore of the show, Trembley is the 8 1/2 President of the United States whom was erased from history for being too silly. His silliness ranged from appointing a council of six literal babies to the Supreme Court, banning pants for being against freedom, appointing a hammerhead shark as Secretary of Defense, and making an attempt to eat The White House.

The main characters of the show discover President Trembley in modern day preserved in a block of peanut brittle and he proceeds to go on an adventure with the kids to unearth the history of their town.

Out of all the fictional Presidents this one is certainly the most out there. It’s all just jokes, amazing jokes with exceptional comedic timing and delivery from Alex Hirsch. But amidst all the silliness and random decrees, he never appeared to really hurt anyone. He has a good heart, but just happened to be completely inept.

But I guess that’s what you get when you become President due to an actual landslide that killed the other candidates. But I bet this chaotic good energy created a fun working environment for his staff.

2. President Chambers in Long Shot.

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Long Shot is owned by Lionsgate and currently streaming on Cinemax which can be accessed through Hulu. President Chambers is played by Bob Odenkirk.

My gut instinct was to include Charlize Theron’s character Charlotte Field as the pick from this film. But then I realized she’s not really a parody. She’s just a normal, competent, and good-natured politician who has a habit of cracking jokes and an attraction to Seth Rogan. I mean who doesn’t?

But Bob Odenkirk’s President Chambers is the epitome of parody.

His character is one who was sworn into office because of immense popularity he had playing the President on a fictional TV show not unlike The West Wing.

The funniest thing about that backstory to me is that I could actually see that happening here in America. It keeps looking more and more like Presidential elections will just become more like celebrity showdowns and people will win just based off how much the population likes their movies or shows. Which isn’t exactly a great sounding future, but that’s neither here nor there right now.

But what makes President Chambers so endearing in his brief moments in the film, is that he is pretty self aware. This was basically a publicity stunt for him and now that he has success in office, he’s ready to return to acting and wants to be a movie star. So he chooses not to run for re-election.

Not only does he decide not to run, he decides to back up and leverage his popularity to support Charlotte Field’s election campaign. He recognized her talent and skill in the political world, realized she was probably the most qualified person on his staff, and tried to make her chances of winning the election more likely with his support.

He may not be the best politician but at least he recognizes that and tries to raise up the people that are.

1. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho in Idiocracy

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Idiocracy is owned by Fox/Disney and is currently streaming on HBO Max. President Camacho is played by Terry Crews.

Ah yes, no discussion about parodies of American government is complete without at least mentioning Mike Judge’s 2006 film Idiocracy. A film I’ve heard more and more be classified as prophetic since the 2016 election.

And that’s a fair assessment in a lot of ways. The film basically serves as a warning sign of just how bad late stage capitalism can get and how corrupt rich people will do whatever they can to make more money while suppressing the working class.

As a parody, the movie works. As a movie I think it’s just alright. I don’t think it’s more than the sum of it’s parts, but a lot of the world building and performances are pretty amusing. To me it would probably be ranked somewhere in the middle of Judge’s work.

But the character of President Camacho is super entertaining to watch, it’s like watching a nonstop wrestling entrance, it’s just fun. And the fact that the character is partially named (and probably owned by, I don’t remember that detail in the movie and can’t find info on it) Mountain Dew is really funny.

And as always Terry Crews is a tour de force. He’s just such an engaging actor and brilliant comedian that I honestly would watch him in anything.

But what makes him actually competent as a leader is that he hires the smartest man in the world to actually fix the problems the nation was struggling with. Even if they’re controversial. Like growing crops using water instead of the government sponsored sports energy drink.

Again, the theme comes back of it being a good thing when Presidents hire and appoint people to fix problems that they specialize in or are at least more knowledgeable in than themselves.

The current political landscape in the United States is chaotic to say the least. But I’m not here to push any of my personal agenda or try to convince people to change their minds on subjects. I’ve lived enough to know that, to be frank, most people are pretty stubborn in their beliefs and it’s a fools errand to convince people anything against their stances.

But I do encourage anyone reading this to at least consider the good aspects of these characters and think about that when you vote. And do your research to find the candidates that support your values, not just the ones you like the social media or pop culture presence of. Again, I’m not interested in pushing my own political stances (though I’m sure you can tell who I won’t be voting for from the content and tone of this article), I’m only interested in pushing informed voting.

Encourage people who appoint experts and professionals in their staff. Encourage those who don’t just benefit your life or social stance, but those who benefit other people too. There’s a lot of people struggling and especially now need help. And as dumb as it sounds, your vote could help other people.

Please register to vote and safely make it to the polls this November. And watch Mars Attacks! Why has no one seen that?

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Kevin Tash

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General mess and occasional writer? IG: KevinWritesHere


pop culture conversations

Kevin Tash

Written by

General mess and occasional writer? IG: KevinWritesHere


pop culture conversations

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