The new sports world: Fan360 creates a new community for fans and athletes

In between your grandma accidently posting a selfie on Facebook, your high school friends getting into political arguments on Twitter and your ex posting a picture with their new significant other on Instagram, it can be hard to filter out the noise on social media and find the important content you desire: sports news.

You don’t really want to watch another Tasty recipe video (okay maybe you do, but not right now.) You want to see a replay of that insane goal from beyond midfield by your favorite striker.

Fan360, a new player in the social media scene, hopes to bring you just that.

The platform integrates accounts from other social media platforms, and gives sports fans the ability to generate their own content within the app. Fans can post and interact with each other while also having their news, video, statistics and results combined in one venue.

The Fan360 platform is not only streamlining the online fan experience, but also building more meaningful networks between fans, clubs and players. Players like Gianluigi Buffon and Angel Di Maria have endorsed the network and expressed interest in what it could mean for the future of the fan-athlete relationship.

“I’m happy to support soon-to-be the biggest sports fan community in the world,” Buffon said in a post on his official Facebook account. “Fan360 will reward your passion for sports.”

Beyond providing the arena for sports fanatics to interact, Fan360 is finding a way to reward users for doing what they have always done.

Through the use of FAN tokens (which will be explained in more detail in another series of articles on how Fan360 is using blockchain technology) basic interactions such as posts, comments and likes can be actively rewarded.

For fans who are no longer satisfied with the impersonal experience of being faceless in a sea of supporters, the new website and app could be a big step forward in the future of what it means to be a sports follower.

Brands and clubs have a new way of personally accessing fans beyond the few who are lucky enough to pile into the stadium for game day. Interactions on the platform are directly rewarded through the accumulation of tokens, which can be used to buy tickets and merchandise, as well as unlock real life experiences with the clubs and athletes.

And beyond just fostering the relationship between a club and its fans, fans can interact with each other.

In a new town and want to find the best supporters bar for the big game? Go to Fan360 and tap into the community. Think you’re a pretty good football player yourself and want to find other likeminded players for a pickup game? Head to the platform and build your reputation through real life interactions.

With major brand ambassadors in the football world already, the Fan360 community could be on the verge of being the next big thing for sports fans.

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