How to Choose the Right Seasonal and Holiday Sales Offers

Katie Oberthaler
Apr 5, 2019 · 4 min read

From major national holidays to local celebrations, seasonal events like the upcoming Easter holiday provide small businesses with many additional selling opportunities.

Yet, coordinating your sales activities with all of the upcoming events on the calendar can seem like just one more “nice-to-have” in your long list of things to do.

Capitalizing on small events, though, can be just as impactful as major holidays and often requires less groundwork to pull off. Here’s how to slowly start incorporating seasonal events and holidays — big and small — into your business:

Determine the profile of customers you want to attract

Seasonal offers should capture the attention of your core customers, and ideally, bring new customers into your business.

Choosing which holidays and events make the most sense for your business begins with identifying the profile of customers you hope to reach and taking stock of the local or regional preferences that affect how people shop in your neighborhood.

Are you in a region where outdoor sporting is popular? Events like Earth Day and other holidays where customers will be off work and heading to enjoy natural areas may be a good time to run specific seasonal offers. Are some religious holidays more important in your community and mean many customers won’t actually be out and about? These nuances should influence how you cherry-pick the right holidays and events for your business.

Choose broader themes

You can also consider sales offers that revolve around an entire season rather than specific holiday days.

Instead of running a special offer for say, Easter, this spring, approach the season with customer behavior in mind. As the weather warms up, customers will have more opportunities to casually window shop in their local neighborhoods. General seasonal themes like spring cleaning, spring break, gardening, and renewal and growth can all be broadly applied to your business and connected to different kinds of promotions, like offering a discount or store credit.

Tangential, seasonal themes can help bridge the gap between running timely promotions and not doing anything at all and enable you to reach a broader profile of customers over a longer period of time.

Example of a seasonal offer available through Fanbank’s selling platform

Offer incentives related to your business

Connecting a seasonal offer or partner gift that directly relates to your goods and services can also give a sales offer a much longer shelf life.

For example, if you sell athletic gear or sporting goods, you might consider hosting a giveaway for local sports tickets when customers sign up for your email list to align around college basketball and professional basketball seasons.

If you own a restaurant, you could offer a special meal or happy hour on certain days to coincide with the season. You might also consider partnering with another local food or beverage supplier to create seasonal, limited-run menu items or products to capture a new audience of buyers.

Example of a seasonal offer available through Fanbank’s selling platform

Refresh your online and in-store imagery

No matter what seasonal sales offers you decide to run, the most important thing is letting your customers know about them at the right time!

You don’t have to wait until the day of an event to roll out new information in your business or on your website and/or social media sites. Capture customers’ attention before they even leave their house with an online offer on your social channels or website that lets them know about upcoming and current offers. If you don’t have a website or a social profile in place, registering for a Facebook or Instagram account is simple and easily allows you to tell more customers about your seasonal offerings.

Supporting online activities with related in-store flyers and cards also enables you to reach customers in your store, and reinforces offers what customers may have seen online.

Example of a printable offer fan card available to in-store customers

No matter how you choose to approach seasonal events, unique sales opportunities existing throughout the calendar year. Take a look at the upcoming holidays and events, consider your ideal customer and kinds of offers and partnerships that might be attractive to them, and leverage all of your customer touch points to promote them.


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