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Update: FanWallet Development

We have recently made tremendous progress in the development of the FanWallet, and we are thrilled to bring you a look behind the curtain at that progress.

Our team is well on the way to developing a custodial wallet that is both user-friendly and secure. While any ERC20 token aware wallet can perform basic operations, our goal is to showcase the full power of FanChain and allow even those with little-to-no crypto experience to be part of our community.

In parallel with the backend development, the collaboration between our design team and engineers have begun to produce a product that has world class usability and functionality.

You will be able to login to your FanWallet using SportsCastr, FaceBook, Twitter, email, or cell phone; and be able to send, receive, and browse your FanChain holdings and transaction history. It will be easy to track the history of all of your tokens via a clean, lean Search function, making it easy to view specific team-specific tokens and keep track of specific accounts.

You can learn more about the FanWallet and FanChain at

One of our primary concerns is the safety of tokens stored in the FanWallet, and as such we’ve been building it from the ground up with security in mind. Security features include:

▪️ 2FA via SMS, Email, or Authenticator for all transfers;

▪️ End-to-End encryption, including encryption in transit, for all data in all network layers both public and internal. This includes database connections, caching layers, and even encrypted VPN restricted connections for FanChain development Staff;

▪️ Fully encrypted databases;

▪️ A separate encrypted key storage systems for isolation of keys from any public facing assets;

▪️ Minimized dependency trees for ability to security audit all used resources efficiently, with local copies and manual updating to prevent dependency manipulation at the repository/maintainer level;

▪️ All external CDN hosted javascript assets are accessed with included Sub-Resource Integrity tags to ensure that no manipulation has occurred at the CDN level or in transit;

▪️ Blockchain interface provided by AlchemyAPI which powers other top tier products such as CryptoKitties, Augur, Kyber, and TrustWallet.

Stay tuned for more glimpses of the FanWallet development progress! Of course, as is a somewhat customary sign-off to such posts, while we have logged many hours of work towards a stable V. 1.0, all of the interfacing you see in the video is from the development version of the FanWallet and is therefore subject to change in the final version.




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Nick Schupak

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