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Fandom Chain KDC AirDrop Event with FANTOO Payment Notice (3rd)

Hello. This is a fandom chain.

We are announcing the 3rd payment of the KDC airdrop event with FANTOO, the Korean wave fandom network platform.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone who participated in the event. Please refer to the details of the payment below.

thank you.

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- Notice of 3rd KDC airdrop payment –

■ KDC payment date: Sequential payment only to those eligible for 2021.9.30 (KST)
* Settlement and payment once a week
* Rewards will be paid only to those who have completed the mission in the participation method.

■ How to check the amount and details of the reward (limited to those eligible)
- Amount to be paid: 30KDC / per person
- History check: FANTOO BANK app access → PIN number input → Kingdom Coin (KDC) transaction history

Congratulations on winning the reward,

We ask for your continued interest and support for Fandom Chain and Hallyu fandom network platform FANTOO.

thank you.

  • The event has ended after the 3rd payment.

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Fandom Chain is a fast, efficient, and secure blockchain built for global Korean Wave fans.

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