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KDG-KDC Swapping Guide (with FANTOO Wallet)

Hi everyone, it’s FandomChain.

With FANTOO Wallet update, it is now available to mutually swap KDG and KDC.

*What is Swap: Exchanges of possessed token/coin into a different token/coin.

For those who want to convert their KDG into real profit, please check below swap guidelines

Step 1. Open FANTOO Wallet and Copy Address

① Open FANTOO Wallet application — Click Kingdom gold(KDG)

② Click ‘Receive’

③ Confirm receiving wallet address and copy it.

“Next steps will be processed within FANTOO application”

④ Open FANTOO application

⑤ Click “MY” to go to ‘My FANTOO’ — Click “KDG” on the upper right side

⑥ Paste copied KDG address — type the amount want to transfer

※NOTE *Minimum = 10 KDG

⑦ Read the terms and make sure every information is correct — Click ‘Withdraw.’

⑧ Confirm the approval message

Step 2. Swapping KDG into KDC

⑨ Click Kingdom gold(KDG) in FANTOO Wallet

⑩ *Check if received KDG correctly

⑪ Click ‘Swap’

⑫ Click ‘Check Swap Ratio’ after entering the amount to swap


*Minimum amount is different depending on KDC market price. Need to check.

* KDC is used for transaction fees.

  • Swap is not available if does not have any KDC.

⑬ Confirm the amount and click ‘Swap Confirmation.’

⑭ Click ‘Swap Execution.’

⑮ Coin swap request has been completed.

KDC is listed on LBank and XT.COM (based on Feb 9, 2022), and users can cash out through the exchange. (※ LBank transaction been suspended since the node update issue. Will be resumed when issue resolved)

Go to LBank

Go to XT.COM

KDG will expand its use as a payment method for purchasing various goods and paid content within the global fandom networking platform, FANTOO.

FANTOO is a fan engagement platform that makes all types of global fans able to realize profits through their community participation!

Come and join FANTOO, and gain ‘KDG’ rewards!

※This service is not available in the United States.

📌Website▶️ ▶️ ▶️

📍 FANTOO Wallet DOWN ▶️Google Play / ▶️App Store
📍 FANTOO DOWN ▶️Google Play / ▶️App Store



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