What’s up Crypto-Fans!

Team Fanfare is in the midst of our second airdrop distribution. Those who have participated in our first airdrop should have successfully received their $FAN Tokens.

Here are the numbers for airdropped $FAN Token thus far:

  • Airdrop 1.0–5,435,330 $FAN (dropped)
  • Airdrop 2.0 (FanMillionaire) — 283,370 $FAN (on-going)
  • Fanfare Video Airdrop (Genesis Video Player) — 156,960 $FAN, 2,700 unique views (on-going)

Give us another day or two to complete our second airdrop distribution. If you you’ve yet to receive your Airdrops by then, direct your queries to!

Please provide relevant info such as (1) details of the issues you are facing, (2) telegram ID and (3) ETH wallet address so we can better facilitate your your queries. Take note not to send us your private keys by accident!

If you have received your tokens, congratulations! Enjoy your $FAN!

A big thank you to the strong 80,000 curated community of crypto-enthusiasts who have participated in our Airdrops.

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