Update for all

From idea to conception to launch… it’s been a journey, but a fun one!

It’s begun

Fanify has been in the works since July of 2015. The idea sprung from a combination of two things. Firstly, my external view of the music industry. While working at Capitol Records, I saw how Top 40 stars are getting discovered today through the internet. Gaining exposure through Youtube, Vine, or Instagram, to ultimately pop up on a record label reps’ radar and get signed. And secondly, being a musician myself and seeing an internal view of the online music scene. I see how huge the online music community is and how quickly it’s growing.

Names like Kenzie Nimmo (pictured below), Boyce Avenue, William Singe, and thousands of others are growing their careers online, building their followings into the millions and getting signed, because today, it’s more attainable than ever before.

The need

Two crucial elements play into an artist getting ‘discovered’ or not.

  1. Growing their fan base in order to gain exposure
  2. Funding in order to pay for touring, album, studio fees and more

They have content promotion sites, as mentioned above, and when in need of funding, often turn to crowdfunding like sites such as Kickstarter, Bandcamp, or Patreon.

Why though? Why make the artists have tens of accounts on different platforms when they could have one?

Fanify screenshots

Fanify helps musicians do the two most crucial aspects in their careers at once. In one simple-to-use app, Fanify acts as a virtual stage letting musicians livestream to their fans worldwide and earn tips in the process.

So what’s next?

We’re almost ready- the artists are in place and excited, fans are hearing about the platform, and the app itself has been getting amazing reviews from test groups.

We want the app to be perfect, and have been working with Apple to make sure that the payments system is 100% safe and secure and complies with every Apple regulation.

So we accepted a delay in launching of 2–3 days in order to deliver the ultimate application for those we believe in the artists and their fans.

So, thanks to all those who’ve supported us along the way.

Thanks to all the musicians who’ve been patient with us and contacting us. Your eagerness and understanding makes this all that much more exciting.

Thank you all for sticking with us and being so positive!

It WILL be worth it. :)

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