Using Fanmix to Create Passive Income

Bryce Weiner
Oct 30, 2019 · 3 min read

Passive streams of income are hard to come by, and passive income that does more than drive website traffic is even harder to come by. Fanmix uses a passive income-based referral system to continuously reward fans and artists and drive traffic to your Fanmix homepage before, during, and after an album campaign.

Being a musician is hard. Being a profitable one is harder.

Ground Game

Promoting your act can be a daunting task. In the 21st century the “ground game” has changed from handing out handbills and flyers to constant publication of new content to keep fans engaged. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have replaced street corners, shopping malls, and tourist traps but the fundamentals are unchanged.

Where attention goes, money flows.

Everyone has their own personal social networks of friends and family, but that is often not enough to jumpstart a career in music. Your friends and family are the ones that have supported you through your entire career, even if they may have been concerned about you setting off on a career of being a “starving artist.”

However, friends and family aren’t enough to make a career, and that’s where the power of the Fanmix platform can help.

Enlightened Self-Interest

The easiest way to get people to talk about you is to pay them to do it, and that’s exactly what Fanmix does. We employ a referral system based on enlightened self-interest: meaning that helping the platform — thereby helping emerging artists — allows a user to enrich themselves financially.

We accomplish this at no cost to the artists through a referral code system. Users can post special links to their own social media to your Fanmix homepage and campaigns and for every dollar someone spends after clicking on the special link, that user earns real money in the form of cryptocurrency.

Create your own passive income promoting new music!

All throughout the site there are links to share Fanmix content on other social platforms. Each link has your referral code automatically attached so you don’t even have to think about it.

Artists Can Use It, Too

It’s not just fans that can earn passive income by promoting artists, artists can earn additional funds by promoting each other!

A platform such as Fanmix has never existed before, as it isn’t just a social platform serving the birth of the creative process, it is a community of individuals who are actively incentivized to help each other succeed!

For the first time in music industry history, the public can share in the profits of the promotion of a successful musical career without the artist giving away any rights, any royalties, or a single penny they earn.

Getting Started

To get started, head over to our artist application and provide us with a little background on your career. Not everyone is in the position to campaign to create an album, but our staff will help you gain a deeper insight into your fanbase and how they might be best mobilized to take your career to the next level.

We are all here for the fans. Bring them into the mix!


The music you love!

Bryce Weiner

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Developer, Father, and Friend .:. CEO of AltMarket, Inc. .:. My views are my own.



The music you love!

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