Aaron Rodgers talks about his love for Wisconsin

Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers may be from California, but he sounds like he’s really embracing Wisconsin and thinking of himself as a resident, not someone just stopping in for a few years for work. As reported by ESPN’s Jason Wilde, he said:

“I just love living here. So you just get into it. I’ve gotten to know a lot of great people here in all the different sports. It’s fun. It’s fun to get involved where you live. And this is where I live. I’m a registered voter here. I have my Wisconsin driver’s license … I wanted to really ingrain myself in the culture and the people. And I apologize about having an allergy to dairy products that gives me some irritable bowels. But other than that, I mean, I’ve embraced just about everything else Wisconsin — especially when it comes to sports, but also the people and the interactions with our fans … There’s a different type of connection there. I really feel like I embrace that. I love it.”

Fans often connect players with teams, cities, and states, and it’s easy to forget that most of them grew up nowhere near the teams they play for and have very little connection beyond that paycheck. However, for Rodgers, it appears that it is the fans who have really made a difference. He said:

“The thing I love about Wisconsin is the people. We have such incredible people here. It’s fun to recognize the incredible athletes and coaches and sponsors and people we have here tonight. But we also have incredible fans. And I know every team says that, but our Packers fans stuck with us when we were 4–6. … I’m talking about those who believed when we said we were going to run the table that we could actually do that — and you stuck with us and believed we could do that. And we appreciate that.”

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