Kawhi Leonard is Kawhietly having one of greatest postseasons ever

Kawhi Leonard is probably going to lose out on the MVP to Russell Westbrook. Leonard is still in the playoffs, though, and Westbrook isn’t.

Leonard will probably also fall behind James Harden in the voting. However, if things keep going the way they went in Game 2, Leonard’s San Antonio Spurs will be sending Harden’s Houston Rockets home early.

Leonard might not win the regular-season award, but he’s been the most valuable player of this playoffs.

In fact, if you look at the numbers, you can make the case he’s having the best postseason of all time. That sounds hyperbolic, but Kawhi is truly doing some amazing stuff.

Exhibit A: Math doesn’t lie. This is where he ranks all-time for individual postseasons in various metrics among players with 100 field-goal attempts, per Basketball-Reference.com:

Granted, there are some caveats. The playoffs aren’t over yet, so some of those numbers can go down. And the ultimate goal of the postseason isn’t to post gaudy numbers; it’s to win the championship. So it’s still too early to pronounce final judgment on his postseason, but as of now, his numbers are among the best ever.

Exhibit B: This is his postseason shot chart:

That’s not a shot chart. It’s a lawn goal.

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