Madden curse the last thing for Tom Brady to check off

Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire

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Tom Brady has lived a pretty good life up to this point, yeah?

Five Super Bowl rings, frequent pop-ins on GQ Magazine, a compatible wife that probably says “hold my beer” when Brady receives his paychecks, and the list goes on.

If the New England Patriots quarterback is going to go down in football lore, he has just one thing left to do; he needs to make it through the Madden curse alive.

Brady announced on Friday that he’d be pasted on the cover of Madden ’18, sending a chilling wave down the spines of Patriots fans.

Welp, that was a fun career! Don’t even think about trading Jimmy Garoppolo, considering Brady’s ACLs will be draped over the 35-yard line come Week 1 of the season.

Once is an accident, twice is a trend, and the Madden curse is the most legitimate theory known to mankind. You simply don’t grace the cover and play next season; the EA Sports deities aren’t that kind a bunch.

  • Mike Vick, Madden ’04 — preseason fibula injury
  • Donovan McNabb ’06 — injured reserve in Week 9
  • Shaun Alexander, Madden ’07 — broken foot in Week 3
  • Vince Young, Madden ’08 — sophomore slump
  • Peyton Hillis, Madden ’12 — the guy is probably selling toner from a cubicle right now
  • Rob Gronkowski, Madden ’17 — back surgery

You see, the AFC East titles, the come-from-behind Super Bowl wins — those are all just the easy enemies leading up to the boss — or in this case, the Madden curse.

Brady has essentially checked the box on all of life’s missions. He doesn’t even have to repeat and win another Super Bowl.

Have him play a full 16 games in the regular season or not lose any game-worn jersey, and you’re free-rolling after that. House money. If there’s anyone to prove that the Madden curse is some sort of train-wreck accident that relies solely on coincidence, it’s Brady, right?

This does however make the stakes a bit interesting leading up to next season. Imagine the narratives and Wikipedia page alterations should something going horribly wrong for Brady, or even the Patriots as a whole in 2017.

Hey, at least there’s an excuse to use.

If Brady wins a Super Bowl and goes unscathed in the process, Madden needs to stop the series.

Game over.