FansTime ( FTI ) lands on Huobi Korea Exchange

Fans Time
Fans Time
Sep 1, 2018 · 2 min read

FansTime successfully marked its presence to the Korean market as planned on 18 August. Two weeks passed, FTI landed on Huobi Korea Exchange as its 8th exchange in the team of, Huobi HADAX, CoinEgg, Bit-Z, CoinMex, FCoin, and Ubit Pro.

Due to the significance of South Korea both in the blockchain and the entertainment industry, FansTime chose Huobi Korea as its partner into the Korean blockchain circle. On 18th, the Global Blockchain Elite Forum in Seoul was held at Yongsan Seoul and jointly sponsored by FansTime, Huobi Korea, OKCoin,, and coinness. The forum was witnessed by hundreds of media and thousands of elites in the industry.

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At the Forum, the head of FansTime technical team stated that single block may be formed with two seconds with the help of FansTime revolutionary
technology. Being a public blockchain project means FansTime can now build
its fandom ecosystem in a much more independent way without restrictions
caused by factors like Ethereum and its high transaction fee. And it goes
without saying that both the team and the community members can also work
together to develop new anti-fraud rules as well instead of relying on other

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The challenge for FansTime is to provide a vertical platform and to build a
decentralized worldwide community where everyone can fully explore,
develop, nurture and give back to their individual value. FansTime got almost
30 professional investors so far and their 1st DAPP has reached the daily active user number of 120,000.

Korean Media reported FansTime and Global Blockchain Elite Forum:

FansTime Official Channels:
Telegram Group:


FansTime is the 1st Blockchain based fandom ecosystem.

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