FansTime (FTI) listed on its 10th exchange

Fans Time
Fans Time
Sep 12, 2018 · 2 min read
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Great news keep coming from FansTime these days. After landing on Huobi Korea and Huobi Indonesia last week, FTI will be listed on its 10th exchange — — exchange on 19, September. As part of the global strategy, FansTime aims to Southeast Asia market this time.

BiJun is developed by a professional team in Singapore and operated by an international team. It has local trading service centers in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, the Philippines, and other countries and regions. With more than 100 active communities, it covers 150 thousand active blockchain enthusiasts in more than 30 countries around the world.

FansTime has surprised the blockchain industry in the past few months. Our first DAPP launched in March already got the DAU of 120,000 and definitely will get more users when our own main-net is online. The public blockchain development started in April and the TPS reached the range of 3,000–5,000 during the internal test in July.

We launched the Global Blockchain Elite Forum twice in Macau and Seoul this year. Both of them caught the eyes of the local media inside and outside the blockchain industry. Different from other Blockchain related summits and forums, FansTime invited A-list singers to cheer the attendees up each time, K-pop stars like Kang Sung-hoon, HYOLYN, (G)I-DLE, C-pop stars like Jolin Tsai, Wangfeng, and Thai boyband SBFIVE.

With our diverse management team made up of people around the globe such as Canada, Japan, Australia, Belgium, and the Thailand Kingdom, FansTime is ready to take on multinational markets.

FansTime will provide a vertical platform in the entertainment field to build a decentralized community where everyone can fully explore, develop, nurture and give back to their individual value, globally.

FansTime Selected Media Reports as below:

Major Blockchain-based Fandom Ecosystem Launches on


FansTime Announces Its Process of Public Blockchain



FansTime is the 1st Blockchain based fandom ecosystem.

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