【Korean Report Translation】Fanstime(FTI)attends The Wall Conference “Demonstrate Possibility of Developing Entertainment Public Blockchain”

Fans Time
Fans Time
Sep 19, 2018 · 2 min read

On 5th and 6th, Fanstime attended the The Wall Conference held by MBC at Shangyan. Fanstime makes a stir at meeting.

On The Wall Conference hosted by Etherlab, Fanstime has attracted attention with its entertainment public blockchain based on the public blockchain projects. On the basis of blockchain, Fanstime built a platform on which star time can be exchanged. Users can have meal, and take photos together with artists by exchanging the time they have bought. Moreover, other transactions can also be performed on the platform.

In order to ensure the normal operation of project, only IFS token, as regulated by Fanstime, can be used for trading on the platform. By digitizing all intellectual properties, Fanstime guarantees transactions to be conducted by token on the platform around the clock.

Via decentralized blockchain network, participants can carry out equal transactions upon negotiation. By using PoW, DPoS, Fanstime ensures that everyone can fully explore, develop and cultivate his/her value and regain value as well in the entertainment arena.

Fanstime and South Korea come together as if by predestination. On the 18th of last month, Fanstime became the 8th exchange listed on the Huobi Korean Exchange next to gete.io, Fire HADAX, Coinegg, bit-z, coinmex, fcoin, and Lemo Rubik’s Cube. At the time, Fanstime highlighted the importance of Korea in the area of blockchain and entertainment.

Fanstime’s goal lies in building a vertical platform. To this end, Fanstime has set its sights on building global community. Fanstime has certainly owned 30 dedicated investors, and has its active users’ number reached up to 120,000 on DAPP per day.

Fanstime spares no efforts in pursuing development of technology. At the World BlockChain Elite Forum held on 18th last month, Fanstime noted “Fanstime can form regional block within two seconds with the help of technological innovation. By building ecosystem with Independent method, Fanstime breaks through the limitation of Ethereum or high fees in public blockchain projects”

Moreover, Fanstime keeps its going to the world, entering the markets of Indonesia, South Korea, China, Thailand, and North America successively. Fanstime plans to make difference in the world entertainment market.

According to related person with Fanstime, “As shown by Korea Wave, Korea is also a country with great potential in the entertainment industry. We intend to continue our present in the world on the basis of this conference.”

At the same time, he expresses that “I was surprised at the presence of so many people. I sincerely hope everyone continue his/her care of us. Thank you.”


FTI has already entered 10 crypto exchanges.

Gate.io: https://www.gate.io/
Huobi Korea: https://www.huobi.co.kr/ko-KR/exchange/btc_usdt
Huobi Indonesia: https://www.huobi.com.co/
CoinEgg: https://www.coinegg.com/?lang=en_US
Bit-Z: https://www.bit-z.com/
CoinMex: https://www.coinmex.com/
Ubit Pro: https://www.ubitpro.io/
FCoin: https://www.fcoin.com/
60.com: https://60.com/#/index
Huobi Hadax: https://www.hadax.com/

FansTime Official Channels:

Website: https://fanstime.org/english.html

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FTI_Foundation

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FansTime.FTI

Telegram Group: http://t.me/fanstimeglobal



FansTime is the 1st Blockchain based fandom ecosystem.

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