Freedom of Information Initiative

FansUnite is focused on improving conditions for sports bettors, which is why we’re excited to announce our new Freedom of Information Initiative. Through years of experience with bettors placing wagers on, we know that with more information on the event they are betting on, bettors make better decisions. Whether this be volume on each team, percentage bet on either side or seeing where the top bettors placed their wagers, crowd wisdom proved to be a powerful tool for bettors.

To this end, we want to open up this type of information to the public and allow bettors full transparency into the events they’re wagering on. FansUnite will make public information including betting volume, size of wagers on each side, and for those members who opt-in to sharing their bets for a portion of the payouts from our Community Incentive Plan — high performing bettors who’ve bet on events. This unprecedented level of transparency should lead to better decisions, and a higher probability of profitability.

FansUnite will also now be offering predictive analytics for community members through our partnership with SaberCruncher, a machine learning team focused on applying deep learning to sports data. This deep learning is applied to spatio-temporal data and results in excellent win probability and DFS point calculations. FansUnite will also be offering an API where our raw data can be used for customers own needs. We look forward to seeing the innovative applications our community members are able to develop!

As always, let us know what you think of this initiative by joining the conversation on Slack or Telegram.