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Khoa Pham
Jul 4 · 2 min read

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Hi, I’m so excited to share Hacker Pad with you. As a mac user, I find the need to quickly jot down ideas and notes in a convenient and fast way as possible. The quickest-to-open IDE I can find is Sublime Text that I often use for noting, but I want a more unintrusive and convenient way, while not sending my notes elsewhere.

Hacker Pad is a convenient scratch pad that allows everyone, especially developer, to quickly jot down ideas and snippets. This comes from the need of my colleagues who struggle with how to quickly write down notes in a convenient way.

Hacker Pad lives in the menu bar for quick access, with multiple dark themes to choose from.

Features includes

💻 Built exclusively for the Mac, written in pure Swift and requires no system permissions

📔Quick save and load notes. All notes are saved securely on disk. There is no remote sending, so the notes you write remain safely in your machine.

🥝 Easily add and remove note

🔥Fira Code font

🥝 Support many dark themes like solarized, Nord, dark, one dark, …

🚀 Highlight many languages like C++, Swift, Kotlin, Ruby, Python, Java, …

🥝 Recent note moves to top for easy navigation

🥝 Smart text input that auto includes closing brackets and auto indentation

🥝Auto save

⭕️ Scale default window to 1.5x and 2x

👌 Minimal design that focuses on your content


Simple apps that make sense

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Simple apps that make sense

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