Install Xcode 8 Source Editor Extension

In the future, there should be a store for this. But in the mean time, we can sign and use it. I use mine as example, the process should be the same for other projects. Maybe 😉

  • Open the projects, there should be 2 targets, 1 for Mac application, and 1 for the extension
  • You need to select your Apple developer team
  • Create a scheme for the Mac application target if there isn’t. Select this scheme
  • Choose Project -> Archive -> Export as MacOS application
  • Open that application. It should just opens and closes, which is fine
  • Do not delete that application !!! Put it somewhere else, preferably in Applications folder
  • Go to System Preferences -> Extensions -> Enable
  • Force close Xcode. And open again
  • The extension should be available under Editor menu