RARE GEM: Why a Ramsey Arsenal card could be worth £££

Just like rare sports memorabilia from baseball cards to stamps, Fantastec SWAP collectibles have true value.

If you get your hands on a rare Hero collectible you could see it’s worth increase as there are not many in the world.

This can be seen with the most expensive trading card sold in history being that of Baseball shortstop Honus Wagner for £2,755,065, known as the “Jumbo Wagner” due to its miscut flaws.

One Fantastec SWAP collectible that will be sure to increase in value in the coming months is Arsenal midfield superstar Aaron Ramsey.

Already a fan-favourite, Ramsey’s four goals and six assists, including one against Tottenham last month, have only increased his popularity.

But what makes Ramsey’s collectibles even more sought-after is the fact he will be departing Arsenal at the end of the season.

The fact there will be no more Aaron Ramsey collectibles in an Arsenal kit minted after July means owning one now is a real advantage.

Aaron Ramsey’s Arsenal collectibles will be very rare come next season

Having him in your Spares means you could command a SWAP for five other high-value collectibles as the race is on to get him in your Album.

This will in turn give you more chance of owning rarer collectibles and increasing the value your collections.

Do you already have Ramsey in your collection? What would the offer have to be to SWAP him?

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