The bogey loving adventurer finds a secret portal

Far, far away there was a house.

Its door number was 161.

Do you know who lived in number 161?


Chapter 1: The Picknose

One day Mr Picknose went into his garden and this is when his adventure began. He discovered a portal that took him back in time. He stopped at the Bogey Palace. It was very old. “I remember this place!” said Mr Picknose. “It’s been closed down for 6000 years. Unfortunately I can’t go in – there’s a bogey guard! I know what to do.” He ate the bogey guard. Mr Picknose loved bogeys.

Chapter 2: Inside the Bogey Palace

Mr Picknose flung the door open and went inside. He saw lots of gold. Queen Bogey was on holiday, so Mr Picknose decided to have a look around the castle.

Chapter 3: In the Kitchen

Mr Picknose found the kitchen and got two pieces of bread and put butter on them. Then he picked his nose and put a bogey on top of the butter. Then he got the other piece of bread and stuck it together. Finally he took a big bite! Yum yum!

Chapter 4: The Throne Room

After his sandwich he discovered the throne room. The throne room was very sparkly and in the middle of the room was a very large golden throne. He sat in it to see if it was the right size for him. It was the right size!

Chapter 5: Going up the Steps

Mr Picknose discovered some steps, so he decided to go up them. At the top he saw a toilet. He sat on it to see if it suited him. It did!

Chapter 6: New Steps

Behind a door there were some more steps leading out of the palace. 
Down he went.

Chapter 7: Back in the Portal

The portal appeared again, so he jumped back into it. Mr Picknose was whizzed around up and down, side to side at the speed of light. Mr Picknose turned green. Suddenly the portal slowed down and he dropped to the ground with a big bump.

Chapter 8: Back in the Garden

At last he was back in his garden. “Well,” said Mr Picknose. “That was very exciting.”

By Arthur Noakes

(6 years old)