Keep your ice cream and choc away from this bear!

A long, long time ago there was an invisible bear. His name was Frankie. He kept sneaking up on people and tickling them. All the people liked being tickled but they didn’t know who was tickling them!

One day, someone dropped their ice cream on the floor and Frankie picked it up. But to everyone else it looked like the ice cream was flying like an airplane! “Wow!” said the crowd. “It’s flying! Watch out you’re going to get ice cream in your face!” The ice cream swooped down into the bear’s mouth and disappeared! “What the heck! Where’s the ice cream gone!” said the people. “Ouch! Someone’s stepped on me!”. “Hehehe” Frankie said above them as he bounced off into the distance.

The next day, Frankie came back into town looking for chocolate. He tickled a fat man who he dropped his chocolate bar. Frankie laughed and tickled him again. “Who’s that?” said the fat man. But it was too late, Frankie had got away with his chocolate bar. “Time to go on a diet, fat boy!” shouted naughty Frankie.

By Arthur Noakes