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Clandestina Joins the FantOHM DAO Treasury!

Good news FantOHMies! We will soon have a new addition to the FantOHM DAO Treasury.

To uniquely position FantOHM DAO in the ever-expanding crypto ecosystem, FantOHM’s strategy team continually studies numerous macro and microeconomic factors of the global crypto market. This team comprises seasoned venture capitalists, financial analysts, and early crypto adopters. So to strengthen our value proposition, FantOHM is adding the one-of-a-kind, value-yielding, and exceptionally unique Clandestina NFT asset to its treasury on 05.Feb.2022!

Clandestina Gang is a decentralized, autonomous organization of privacy advocates, $SCRT agents, and all-around great people built on the Secret Network.

These rare and highly admired Clandestina NFTs are launching on Secret Network, which by default offers unique, multifaceted solutions for DeFi, NFTs, etc. based on the strong privacy values of Web 3.0.

“Secret NFTs are a new asset class of non-fungible tokens, enhanced with privacy and access control features to create hidden content and experiences. Our upcoming collection will offer artists and creatives a new medium of creation, curation, and distribution of digital content.” — Tarantino NFT Collection (

Let us look at this exciting move and learn what it means in detail.

Strong Composition of FantOHM Treasury

At the heart of FantOHM DAO lies its Treasury, where we hold a portfolio of risk-free assets (DAI, USDC, etc.) and other significant investments that are carefully selected for their value and growth potential. These assets are the foundation of $FHM, our native token, and establish its book value. With our stable coin $FHUD, we are also able to diversify our investments and put idle assets in our treasury at work to increase the total profitability for our investors without changing the number of risk-free assets.

We continue to diversify our portfolio with yield-bearing assets that generate revenue to support the ongoing operation of the FantOHM DAO while increasing our reserves. And acquiring Clandestina NFT is a move in that direction.

Prized Possession: Clandestina NFT

There are only 420 Clandestina NFTs available, ever.

As FantOHM DAO is one of the very few whitelisted projects by ClandestinaGang, we are both proud and honored to announce that we will be minting 1 NFT on the day of the launch, i.e., 05.Feb.2022 for 69 $sSCRT. The newly acquired NFT will then be added to our ever-growing Treasury. We believe, Clandestina NFTs have compelling value propositions and are pure works of art too.

The four pillars of Clandestina Gang are Decentralized Community, Inclusion, Transparency, Anonymity.

These 4 traits are the cornerstone of their movement and Clandestina Gang intends to build, together, a society that works towards these common goals. FantOHM is also founded on these ideologies.

Some of the unique benefits, utilities, and characteristics of owning and holding these NFTs are:

  1. Clandestina is Secret Network’s first airdrop paying and revenue sharing NFTs. There are only 420 NFTs available, ever
  2. All the profits from the ClandestinaDAO operations will be distributed to NFT holders, or in some cases, reinvested in the DAO, to strengthen its market value. The ClandestinaDAO operations include (but are not limited to)
  3. Distributing $SCRT validator node rewards to NFT holders,
  4. Staking $SCRT tokens and distributing rewards to NFT holders,
  5. Governance rights on the Clandestina DAO to NFT holders,
  6. And much much more
  7. Over 100 unique traits are combined from 12 different categories to create the Clandestina NFTs, making each NFT completely original and rare
  8. Each NFT is individually named and also features the meaning of each name
  9. Clandestina NFTs take maximum advantage of the Secret Network’s capabilities to put secret data into an NFT that only the owner can see. Each NFT includes 20 public backgrounds and 20 secret backgrounds, exclusively for the owner
  10. There will be a rare 1 of 1 background, a super rare Vampire girl mutation, a crazy 1 of 1 Ninja outfit, and super rare versions of each trait category too

Things are moving fast with Clandestina Gang. So do check out their Twitter to stay up to date! To learn more about Clandestina Manifestos and developments, also check out their Medium. If you’re interested in knowing how we found this opportunity, look no further than the Wise Beyond Bitcoin channel on YouTube.

In Conclusion

FantOHM DAO is on the mission to bring sustainable investment opportunities while overcoming ever-increasing inflation and the limitations of traditional financial systems.

We have a team of renowned strategists and analysts that are constantly exploring the potential of the new projects to yield high returns with minimal risk. We strive to simplify investing, maximize returns for investors, and build everlasting trust.

If you would like to learn more about us, please visit our website. We encourage you to join us on Discord and get involved with the governance community of FantOHM DAO.



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