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FantOHM: 2021 and our Ambitions for 2022

FantOHM is a Multi-chain Decentralized Reserve and Revenue Protocol. We are not just another copy-paste OHM fork that is built on Fantom Network. Rather, we aspire to reshape the way investors think about financial services, financial products, and the distribution of profit. We are solving the problems of ever-increasing inflation and the limitations of traditional finance.

Our Vision is Decentralization — our Mission is Financial Freedom.

Our actions are bold and challenge the status quo.

When you look at updates like our new dashboard, it’s plain to see that we have the intention of becoming a force to be reckoned with in terms of user accessibility and outreach to a more data-driven audience.

A Strong 2021

Launched in November 2021, we have come a long way.From launching FantOHM on Moonriver and becoming one of the very few multi-chains projects of its kind to developing an in-house FHUD stable coin, we have left no stone unturned.

With the introduction of staking capabilities (sFHM), we have enabled our investors to enjoy a stable cash flow. And by wrapping the staked tokens (wsFHM) to save taxes on capital gains, our developers have made sure that our investors’ interests are served.

Some of our key accomplishments:

  • Collaboration with MoonRiver parachain to enable us to venture into diverse arrays of markets. Do check out the details here.
  • FHUD, our in-house developed stable coin allowing us to reinvest our treasury in a less risky manner than other DAO. More information here.
  • Implementation of 2 Layers of Multisig Protection. If you are interested to learn more, check our medium article here.
  • Our native token $FHM can now be bought on Fantom Network. Steps of which are described in detail here. One can also buy $FHM tokens from the MoonRiver network. Just follow this guide.
  • For staking $FHM tokens and earning interests, follow this link and to wrap staked FHM (sFHM) token to wsFHM token, follow this link.

You can also access all the step-by-step guides on our YouTube channel. You will especially love our mascot ;)

So What’s Next in 2022?

We are continuing to develop, expand, add new investment options and strengthen our capabilities in several categories. Our marketing team has grown considerably, while our technical and strategy team is planning strong expansion as well.

We intend to grow the FantOHM ecosystem and reach a wider audience. We are working on innovative products and services to attract investors and build trust at the same time.

Our pipeline for 2022 has only just come into view and it’s a wonderful start! For Q1, we intend to implement:

  • An improved analytics dashboard with in-depth, visual details for real-time reporting and analysis.
  • One-Click Zap for streamlining capital management.
  • wsFHM staking rewards, which wraps sFHM gains into wsFHM in order to mitigate tax liabilities.
  • (4,4), represented through structures that will reward bonders with long term investment goals.
  • Lending / Borrowing Different lending structures to the traditional 9,9 or further lending/borrowing options.
  • Treasury Investment and diversification to create investment opportunities inside and outside the crypto ecosystem.
  • Cross-Chain expansions and interoperability across blockchain networks, allowing them to interact and exchange information more easily is one of the key areas for us this year.

Head over to our roadmap section on the website to stay up to date.

Be a part of our story

FantOHM was created by a core team of advisors, developers, economists and strategists. Our head developer is renowned in the space as being responsible for multiple innovative and bespoke functions used in new token launches over the past years.

FantOHM is growing at a rapid pace and we would love you to be a part of this growth story. We are continuously looking for like-minded talented individuals to add to our skillful team. If you love meeting challenges head on in an innovative, collaborative environment, we want to hear from you!

We consider our community to be the starting place for all of our best qualities as a DAO.

To learn more about opportunities at FantOHM, head over to or reach out to us on Discord.



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