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FantOHM DAO: Builders of the DeFi 2.0 Landscape

At FantOHM, we are cognizant of the fact that innovation requires collaboration, ideation, implementation, and value creation. As the whole crypto market and most large DAO projects tumble, we must not forget our mission, vision, and core values. These are the reasons for our existence and why we put in hours upon hours of work. More importantly, these are the reasons our investors trust us with their hard-earned money.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

In Q4 of 2021, our highly experienced strategists envisioned a mechanism to monetize idle assets in our treasury to generate more revenue while maintaining its intrinsic value. We pioneered and developed an in-house stable coin, i.e., FantOHM USD called $FHUD, allowing us to reinvest our treasury in a less risky manner than the other DAOs.

In addition to the Fantom blockchain, we have collaborated with Huckleberry Finance to cross into the MoonRiver parachain on our mission to increase our exposure to a variety of innovative markets. We’ve also implemented a multisignature wallet security system that remains free of any security breach.

We are Honored to Work with Others

Others have imitated our ideas and solutions in DeFI 2.0 as we’ve drafted our partnerships and crafted further developments. We are honored and would like to thank projects that affirm our mission through collaboration with our ideas. By sharing resources and strategies with every investor, community member, or partner, we believe that all networks in our treasury will benefit.

After all, collaboration is one of the key attributes of innovation.

At FantOHM DAO, we are focused on the long term. Our priority is to deliver sustainable solutions in DeFi that are not symbolic promises and abstract solutions. Because we want to make sure that others know we’d love to work with them in speeding along cryptocurrency adoption.

We Can All Win, Together

Moving forward, FantOHM DAO hopes others seize the current state of things as an opportunity to hold ourselves to a higher standard, collectively, and to elevate our united ecosystems on a strong footing for innovation. Visit us in our communities on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter.



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