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FantOHM Weekly Highlights: 14.Feb — 20.Feb.2022

Major Project Updates

  • FantOHM (4,4) Bonds Release

(4,4) bonds represent the best aspects of bonding, staking, and the warmup period.

(4,4) bonds are similar to traditional (1,1) bonds, except that they are paid out in staked FHM (sFHM) rather than the $FHM which gives investors access to automated compounding rewards without the need to interact with holdings manually.

Learn more about (4,4) bonds in our Medium space: FantOHM 4,4 Bonds — Security and Convenience

Check them out on our website to start using (4,4) bonds

Also checkout out gitbook for more documentation on (4,4) bonds

  • FantOHM Pioneers Again; Clandestina NFTs in Treasury

Ownership of Clandestina NFT is representative of Secret Network node ownership. FantOHM DAO owns 6 NFTs which is 1% of a validator node that pays out 1% of the rewards. The rewards are held in our treasury and are then staked on the Secret Network to compound additional returns.

Did we say we are the first protocol with this type of NFT in the treasury?

Learn about our Clandestina NFT investment thesis on medium: Clandestina Investment Thesis

Listen to our Twitter AMAs as we discuss Clandestina in more detail: Twitter Space AMA — 14.Feb.2022

Marketing & Community Updates

  • Press Releases On Major Publication Channels

We made the news! Let’s make sure the world knows about FantOHM and what is our stablecoin, FHUD.

  • Yahoo news Press Release

  • Blockonomi Press Release

  • Publish0x Press Release

  • Two Twitter Space AMAs In A Week

Twitter Space AMA — 14.Feb.2022

  • Clandestina NFT partnerships
  • FHUD 1.5 and arbitrage opportunities
  • Telegram AMA and Q and A
  • Twitter Space AMA — 18.Feb.2022
  • Large participation of 1700 Listeners!
  • Introduction to (4,4) Bonds
  • Project runway discussions

More Educational Content

From shorts to Youtube videos, we aim to add value to the crypto ecosystem by providing easy to digest educational content

Optimizing Future AMAs

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FantOHM Statistics as of 20.02.2022

Market Cap

$ 17,220,008

Circulation Supply

729953 / 1260898

Treasury Balance

$ 30,475,060

Market Value of Treasury Assets

$ 30,581,260

Risk-Free Value of treasury Assets

$ 25,959,177

Protocol Owned Liquidity FHM-DAI


FHM Staked


Global Runway Available

200.7 Days



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