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Fantom Listed On Binance.US

Fantastic news FantOHMies!

Fantom ($FTM) is now listed on Binance.US and is available for trading on FTM/USD and FTM/USDT pairs. Moreover, Binance.US supports ERC-20, BSC (BEP-20), and Opera (Fantom Mainnet) $FTM tokens.

FantOHM DAO welcomes investors, collaborators, and community members from the U.S., and we sincerely believe Fantom’s listing on Binance.US will provide new opportunities to you all!

Noteworthy Facts About Binance.US

Binance is one of the most popular and biggest crypto exchanges available today. With Binance.US, Binance has expanded its footprint in almost every continent and provided its customers with world-class services.

Listed below are some key facts on Binance.US.

  • The daily trading volume of around 800 million US Dollars
  • Supports Fantom ($FTM) mainnet for deposits and withdrawals
  • It offers deposit and withdrawal support for ERC-20 and BSC (BEP-20) $FTM tokens
  • Investors can purchase $FTM tokens using a debit card, bank account or wire transfer
  • Binance.US offers $FTM tokens in USD and USDT pairs
  • Binance allows users to set up recurring purchases at various time intervals
  • It is fast, secure, suited for beginners, and ideal for professionals with competitive transaction fees

What is good for Fantom, is great for FantOHM

As you already know, FantOHM DAO is an innovative multi-chain decentralized Reserve and Revenue Protocol natively available on the Fantom network. Our mission is to overcome ever-increasing inflation and the limitations of traditional finance while generating a continuous stream of income for its investors.

With the listing of Fantom in Binance.US, we expect an even larger influx of investments within the Fantom ecosystem.

If you are new to Fantom and are interested in learning more about FantOHM DAO, check out our website.

Get Started with FantOHM

As Binance.US users, one can easily invest in FantOHM by first purchasing $FTM tokens from Binance buy-crypto page. As $FTM is the native token used for staking, governance, payments, and payment of fees on the network, before investing in FantOHM, it is ideal to hold some $FTM tokens in your wallet.

Investing in FantOHM DAO also requires you to have $FTM tokens within a MetaMask (or similar) wallet. Follow our guide to get started with setting up MetaMask.

Now, just transfer your $FTM tokens from Binance.US exchange to your MetaMask wallet and finally swap your $FTM tokens with FantOHM DAO’s $FHM token to start your investment journey with us :-). Follow this guide to learn more about swapping $FTM to $FHM.

FantOHM has some of the most innovative, salient products & services that we offer to help investors multiply their capital gains

  • $FHM is our native token, which can be bought either on the Fantom or Moonriver networks
  • We have a robust Operating Account that takes care of treasury diversification, operation expenses, lending etc.
  • Our Treasury is the backbone of the protocol and has a priority to maintain stability and revenue for investors through services like bond offerings, staking rewards, and more. Do check the link to know more about our operations and revenue system.
  • With our two-layer of Multisig protection, we are robust, secure, and efficient. To learn more, visit this link
  • Our project is one of the few DAO projects that is audited. You can find an in-depth audit report here
  • Our in-house and unique stablecoin $FHUD gives us the ability to invest the stablecoin holdings of the treasury into various assets, thus achieving high profitability for our investors with little risk
  • We provide high APY in staked investments. To stake $FHM tokens, follow this link
  • To help investors save taxes, we have a feature to wrap the staked sFHM tokens into wsFHM tokens. You can read more about this on our medium page
  • We also provide multiple Bonds to our investors, e.g., MIM, DAI, FHM-DAI LP, etc to name a few. To buy Bonds, check out our app
  • We’ve prepared comprehensive guides that will facilitate your transition to our DAO. If you’d like to see more guides and interesting content, check out our YouTube channel.


We are excited to welcome investors from the U.S.

And a big thank you to Binance.US for supporting the Fantom ecosystem with this listing!

At FantOHM, we believe our investors can bet on us with utmost pragmatism, where the potential upside is more and the tax burden is less. Visit our website and Linktree to learn more about us. Please also join us on Discord and get involved with FantOHM DAO. Get in touch with us via our community page. We would love to hear from you!



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