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How To Set Up MetaMask Wallet To Trade $FHM Tokens

MetaMask is FantOHM DAO’s primary supported crypto wallet. It is extremely easy to use and even easier to set up. It is safe and makes it very convenient to trade on multiple blockchain networks.

MetaMask comes as a free-to-use browser extension and a mobile app that allows traders to hold cryptocurrencies and interact with various blockchain networks. With MetaMask, one can send and receive coins and tokens as well as use a vast array of decentralized apps (Dapp games, NFTs, etc.) available on many blockchains.

In this article, we outline an easy-to-follow guide to download & set up the MetaMask wallet in your browser. We will also show you how to add the Fantom Opera network in MetaMask.

Let’s begin.

Step 1: Install MetaMask Wallet

To get started, first download the browser extension/ app for Chrome Browser using the MetaMask download link. Installing the browser extension is a prerequisite to creating a wallet. Most chromium-based browsers support MetaMask, e.g., MS Edge, Google Chrome, Brave, and even Firefox.

Step 2: Set Up The Wallet

Once you have downloaded and installed the browser extension, follow the steps below to set up the wallet in your browser. These steps should be replicable across the supported browsers as well.

  1. The MetaMask extension icon
  1. should be visible in the top right-hand corner of the browser.
  2. If you are using the wallet for the first time, click the extension icon and then click Create a Wallet.
  1. Once you’ve opted to create a new wallet, accept the terms of use, and then create a new password. Click Create.
  2. MetaMask will now reveal your secret 12 word seed phrase. Do not forget to write them down and store them in a safe place. You need this phrase to recover from potentially losing access to your wallet.

Do not store these phrases online, as that can always be a potential security risk. Instead, write these down in a notebook or something you will not misplace.

Tip: It’s important to note that no site will ever ask you for this seed phrase, so be careful to never enter it anywhere other than when restoring your wallet and never share it with anyone else.

Voila! This completes the wallet set-up. You should now notice your wallet address on the top of the wallet. You will also see your balance and history of activities.

Next step is to add Fantom Opera Network to the wallet so you could trade $FHM tokens, of course ;-)

Step 3: Add Fantom Opera Network To Your Wallet

Since FantOHM DAO lives on the Fantom Opera network, to hold $FHM tokens or any of the other tokens (sFHM, wsFHM) in your wallet, you’ll first need to add Fantom Opera Network to your list of networks.

  1. Start by clicking on the browser extension icon and then the below highlighted network drop-down and finally Add Network
  2. MetaMask will prompt you to add network parameters. Detailed and up-to-date parameters to add the Fantom network in the MetaMask wallet are available on the Fantom Foundation official website. At the time of publishing this article, the following are the values of such parameters:
  3. Network Name: Fantom Opera
  4. RPC Url:
  5. ChainID: 250
  6. Symbol: FTM
  7. Block Explorer URL:
  8. After adding the network parameters, click on Save.

Tip: Always fetch the network parameters from the Fantom Foundation Website.

And that’s it. Your wallet is now ready to send and receive $FHM tokens, and even more on the Fantom Opera network!

You can buy our native $FHM tokens at discount through Bonds. You can even earn compounding rewards by staking your $FHM tokens. Just follow this link to learn more.

Make sure to check out our medium articles for more interesting reads. Join our vibrant and super friendly Discord community and get involved with FantOHM DAO.



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