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Spooky Website Revamp

Transparent Treasury Viewing Coming Soon!

Greetings FantOHMies! The past few weeks have seen some HUGE announcements, namely:

  • Successfully going cross chain to Moonriver — seamlessly bridging two of the most promising ecosystems in crypto
  • The introduction of a first-of-its-kind revenue generation strategy in our FHUD token

Today, we want to share a few more developments we’ve been working on in the background. These include:

  • A spooky new UI and revamped website
  • A brand new roadmap
  • Transparent, real-time treasury viewing tool (COMING SOON)

Sleek & Spooky — Website Revamp

Along with the big-ticket announcements and innovations we at FantOHM have been working tirelessly to push out, we also understand the importance of marketing and aesthetic appeal.

While there are several reasons we chose to build on the Fantom Network (which you can read about here), Fantom’s spooky aesthetic is one we always found appealing. Along with the adorable, meme-friendly ghost you’ve no doubt been seeing around more and more, our talented designers are constantly working on ways we improve on user-experience and further harmonize our project with Fantom’s aesthetic theme.

Our next addition will be a gorgeous, spooky backdrop on our UI, coming soon!

Despite being a relatively new and upcoming project, we are in it for the long-run, so we’re excited to be bringing you a sleek new UI that does justice to the Fantom Network. We think you’ll like what you see!

Treasury viewing

Another feature we are excited for is our treasury viewing feature which will allow you to view our treasury’s holdings and investments as they happen in REAL TIME. At FantOHM we are all about transparency, community and educating investors, so it’s a logical next step for us to make our treasury’s holdings and investing strategy 100% transparent.

You’ll be able to see what FHUD is minted for in real time, and you’ll get a front row seat to how our unique FHUD token supercharges revenue generation and gives us the edge over other OHM forks.

Rest assured, our devs are working hard to integrate the oracles and make the final touches needed for this feature to go live. You can expect it very soon. In the meantime, enjoy your beautiful new UI, take some time to wrap your head around the FHUD token, and get involved in some of the giveaways and contests we’re running in the Discord!

The whole market has been a bit all over the shop as of late, but the team isn’t worried. FantOHM is doing what no other project is and we are confident that we have the team, infrastructure and community to achieve even our loftiest goals and become the go-to reserve asset of both the Fantom and Moonriver network. Stay tuned.

Road Map

As we’re sure some have noticed, this project has gone without a road map in favor of a more adaptable strategy since it’s launch in Q4 of 2021. We’ll be sharing our coming steps with the community from this point on and are quite excited to let others in on our coming next steps in creating the most dynamic ecosystem for our investors. Thank you so much for coming with us on this journey!



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