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Trade $FHM Tokens from MetaMask on Mobile

In one of our previous articles, we outlined how users can install MetaMask Wallet in their desktop browsers and add Fantom Opera Network — ready to trade $FHM and $FHUD thereafter.

In this article,

  1. We show you how to install a MetaMask wallet on your iOS or Android device

Because who doesn’t like to earn passive income on the go ;-)

Note: The steps and screenshots below are executed on an Android device but can similarly be followed on an iOS mobile device as well

Step 1: Install the MetaMask Mobile App

Go to your mobile app store/ play store and search for “Metamask”. On an Android device, you should see the following app, by Consensys.

Click “Install” and wait for the application to install on your mobile device.

Now, we are ready to sync the desktop wallet with the mobile one.

Step 2: Connect / Sync Existing Desktop Wallet to MetaMask Mobile

Open the mobile application. You will be prompted with a welcome screen “Getting Started/ Let’s Go”. Go to the next step, and notice the three-button options. We are going to “Import Using Secret Recovery Phrase”. So click that option.

Note: “Sync with MetaMask Extension” is currently disabled from Desktop by MetaMask for improvements reason

As mentioned in Step 2 of our previous article about setting MetaMask on a desktop, the saved “Recovery Phrase” can be used to recover or import the same Wallet Account on the mobile.

Provide your account recovery phrase and continue with the next steps.

Voila! This completes the wallet set-up on your mobile device. You should now notice your wallet address on the top of the wallet. You will also see your balance and history of activities.

Step 3: Add Fantom Opera Network To Your Wallet

Before interacting with $FHM, you must explicitly add Fantom Opera Network in your wallet. The simple steps are outlined below.

Click on the “Burger Menu” icon on the top left corner of your mobile app, and then select “Settings” as shown below:

From within the “Setting” page, select “Networks” as shown below:

Now, click the “Add Network” button on the bottom of the screen as shown below:

Finally, you will see the following screen. Add Fantom Opera Network details

Detailed and up-to-date parameters to add the Fantom network in the MetaMask wallet are available on the Fantom Foundation official website. At the time of publishing this article, the following are the values of such parameters:

Network Name: Fantom Opera

RPC Url:

ChainID: 250

Symbol: FTM

Block Explorer URL:

After adding the network parameters, click on Save.

Step 4: Access FantOHM App Directly from MetaMask Mobile Browser

Now that we have set everything up on MetaMask mobile app, we are ready to Bond, Stake, and Trade $FHM tokens directly on mobile.

Follow the simple steps below on your MetaMask Mobile app.

Open the MetaMask menu and select “Browser”. This opens a dapp web browser directly inside the MetaMask app. The screenshot below is for reference.

Ensure that you are on “Fantom Opera Network”. Now in the below screen, provide FantOHM’s app url, i.e.,

After FantOHM’s dapp is loaded, you will see the following screen — which may look similar to what you are used to on the desktop. Now, just click on “Connect Wallet”.

Once you are connected, you can Bond & Stake $FHM, and essentially run the FantOHM’s dapp on the MetaMask browser as you do on your desktop.

And that’s it! You are ready to trade $FHM and $FHUD on the go.

We hope you are enjoying our educational content.

FantOHM DAO is a spooky investment ecosystem operating on Fantom and Moonriver. We deliver spectral transparency and undying vigilance on the market through the efforts of a dedicated tech and business development team. Be sure to visit on the Internet, in Discord, or Telegram. Share your story with us on Twitter.



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